Sovereign Debt Growing

November 22, 2023|

Sovereign Debt is Eating the World Sovereign debt is eating the world. Lining up a financial crash that could make 2008 look like a picnic. By Peter St. Onge – [...]

Islam’s Motives

November 21, 2023|

Americans Should Take Islamism Very Seriously By Dr. Thomas Patterson - November 14, 2023 Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes In a speech following 9/11, President Bush assured us that in spite of this [...]

Reversing America’s Decline

November 20, 2023|

Like second century Rome, we have seen a deteriorating quality of national leadership and a sense of national community. By Richard K. Vedder - November 7, 2023 Writing in this space a few [...]

Debt Death Spiral

November 17, 2023|

A "Debt Death Spiral" is a Scary Possibility.   By Tom Llewellyn – October 31, 2023 America is doomed if we expect Congress to fix this. Congress has proven itself incapable [...]

Liberty Amendments

November 17, 2023|

Mark Levin’s Liberty Amendments By Rodney Dodsworth - March 28, 2016 Levin’s book burst on the conservative scene in the summer of 2013. Rush and Hannity gave it two big thumbs up [...]

American Speech Censored

November 16, 2023|

New Report Shares Federal Government’s Censorship of American Speech By American Faith – November 7, 2023 The House Judiciary Committee and the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal [...]

Home School Explosion

November 16, 2023|

Washington Post: Explosion in Home Schooling Is Permanent by Bob Adelmann - November 1, 2023 The liberal Washington Post reported yesterday on the results of a survey of some 360 school districts around the country: [...]

The U.S. Ponzi Game

November 15, 2023|

The Interest Rate Shock Will Blow Up the Government’s Ponzi Game By Thorsten Polleit – November 6, 2023 In the international fixed-income markets, interest rates are rising, and the decades-long [...]

FDA Won’t Recall Vaccine

November 15, 2023|

FDA Responds After Being Urged to Recall Pfizer's Vaccine Over DNA Fragments Dr. Robert Malone and other experts say the COVID-19 shot should be recalled. By Zachary Stieber – November 3, [...]

Church & America

November 14, 2023|

Faith and Law Town Hall: Churches’ Role in Changing The Future of America By Brad Dacus – November 2, 2023 The trajectory of our nation can change in a positive [...]

Mainspring of Progress?

November 13, 2023|

The Humanitarian with the Guillotine Excerpt from The Mainspring of Human Progress by Henry Grady Weaver Contributed By Mike Kapic – November 1, 2023 In her discerning book, The God [...]

Consent of the Governed

November 10, 2023|

The 17th Amendment and Consent of the Governed By Rodney Dodsworth - March 27, 2016 From Charles de Montesquieu’s Spirit of the Laws, “When once a republic is corrupted, there [...]

The Trouble With the Fed

November 9, 2023|

If the Fed Goes, The State Will Soon Follow A central bank is not a natural product of banking development. It is imposed from the outside or comes into being [...]

High Court Censorship

November 8, 2023|

5 Examples Of The Illegal Government Censorship SCOTUS Just Allowed To Resume Last week, the Supreme Court resumed government censorship by putting a stay on a lower court injunction in [...]

The Federalist Papers

November 7, 2023|

What Were the Federalist Papers? By Tara Ross – October 27, 2023 On this day in 1787, “Publius” publishes an essay defending the Constitution in several New York newspapers. Publius?! [...]

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Why Sue Congress?

November 6, 2023|

Why We the People and our States Should Sue Congress! By David Biddulph – November 3, 2023 1. Congress appears to have, since 1908, unconstitutionally blocked the states five times [...]

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Only an Amendment

November 6, 2023|

A cloud hangs over the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington, Oct. 17. Photo: jonathan ernst/Reuters WSJ – October 26, 2023 Letter to the Editor Only an Amendment Could Restrain [...]

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Natural Law & Liberty

November 3, 2023|

Natural Law and the Rise of Trump By Rodney Dodsworth - March 26, 2016 Check out Pope John Paul’s (1920-2005) observation of modern representative government: “Regarding democracies, certain demands which arise within society [...]

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500% Vaxx Price Increase

November 2, 2023|

Understanding the 500% Price Increase of Pfizer's Covid Vaccine Pfizer has a lot of leeway in the price it chooses to charge for its vaccine—especially since almost all rival competitors [...]

Responsible Citizenship

November 1, 2023|

By NCCS - October 16, 2023 "Cherish, therefore, the spirit of our people, and keep alive their attention. If once they become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I, [...]

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