EV Autos: The Truth

November 10, 2022|

by Mike Kapic - November 4, 2022 Crony capitalism is driving a phony environmental problem & fake solution for profit and power and the consumer is following it down another [...]

How Politics Works

November 10, 2022|

Why Do Big Cities Tend to Have Bigger Government? Like any place that generates significant wealth, cities also generate significant incentives to capture the wealth By Peter Jacobsen - November [...]

100 Schools in 10 Years!

November 9, 2022|

Iman Alleyne of Kind Academy. PHOTO: Kerry McDonald ‘100 Schools in 10 Years’, Award-Winning Microschool Founder Shares Her Vision Iman Alleyne is ready to tackle her big dream [...]

Faith & Values Survey Results

November 8, 2022|

Latest America’s Values Survey: Good News and Bad News By Bob Adelmann - October 21, 2022 The good news from the latest America’s Values Study undertaken by the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian [...]

The Chosen: Season 3

November 7, 2022|

An Inside Look At ‘The Chosen’s’ Revolutionary Production Ahead Of Season Three The Federalist visited ‘The Chosen’ to talk with the cast and crew as they wrapped the filming of [...]

Abusing Liberties Pt. VI

November 4, 2022|

Crushing Civil Liberties Part VI How the Supreme Court Rewrote the Constitution By Rob Natelson - March 1, 2022 The first, second, third, fourth, and fifth installments in this series traced how the Supreme Court responded [...]

Congress By Design

November 3, 2022|

Article I -- Congress by Mike Kapic - October 29, 2022 The first branch of the new United States government was to be the most important and is the legislature [...]

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Election Results Denial

November 3, 2022|

Who Denies Election Results? By Victor Davis Hanson – October 20, 2022 A Democratic myth has arisen that former President Donald Trump's denial of the accuracy of the 2020 vote [...]

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Federal Employees to Stay Home

November 2, 2022|

Democrats Don’t Want Federal Employees to Have to Come to Work By Daniel Greenfield  - October 26, 2022 The pandemic divided Americans into two classes: those who could work from home and [...]

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Just Ignore the Constitution

November 2, 2022|

Why have a Constitution if you just ignore it? By Frank Miele of Real Clear Wire – October 10, 2022 In two recent columns, I wrote about the danger of [...]

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FDR Buys an Election

November 1, 2022|

How FDR Used Tax Dollars To Buy An Election Most Americans knew FDR hadn’t brought the U.S. out of the Depression, but they weren’t about to vote against their own [...]

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Vax Resistors: “Superheroes”

October 31, 2022|

Healthy people were quarantined along with sick. French General Calls Vax Resisters ‘Superheroes’ The general also said the protesters “embody the best of humanity.” By Savannah Hulsey Pointer [...]

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Killing Economic Freedom, Pt. V

October 28, 2022|

How the Supreme Court Rewrote the Constitution By Rob Natelson - February 21, 2022 The first, second, third, and fourth installments of this series described how the Constitution established a relatively small federal government with [...]

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Totalitarianism in America?

October 27, 2022|

Can it happen in America? Mike Kapic - October 27, 2022 The storm is forming. We're not experiencing a total take over by our government alone but by social media, [...]

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AZ Vote Fraud Continues

October 27, 2022|

Maricopa County Court House AZ Election Official Stephen Richer Ran On Election Integrity, Now He’s Accused Of Law-Breaking And Politicking ‘Usually it takes a while for people to [...]

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Congress: Pass HCR 101

October 26, 2022|

The Phoenix convention of states, September 12, 2017 Article V News Vickie Deppe – October, 2022 Members of the Article V Coalition visited dozens of offices on Capitol [...]

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Solution for Economy

October 25, 2022|

U.S. needs fiscal responsibility amendment by Barry W. Poulson - October 2, 2022 In August, the inflation rate came in at 8.3% — well above expectations in financial markets, triggering a [...]

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History of Price Controls

October 24, 2022|

Price Controls Have Failed for 4,000 Years—and Humans Still Haven’t Learned The people of ancient Eshnunna can be forgiven for not understanding why price controls are harmful. Today’s policymakers, who [...]

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Court and Land Grab Pt. IV

October 21, 2022|

A Packed Court—and a Federal Land Grab, Part IV How the Supreme Court Rewrote the Constitution By Rob Natelson - February 14, 2022 The first, second, and third installments in this series explained that [...]

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Successful Academy of States

October 20, 2022|

Academy of States 3.0 by Mike Kapic - 10/20/2022 U.S. Rep. Ken Ivory tells America that it is time for a Washington DC tune-up. That our States must use their [...]

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