May 31, 2023|Debt, Economy|

              By Judd Garrett – May 25, 2023 Imagine if you sent your son off to college with a credit card that was meant to be used only to pay for the [...]

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Protest Taxes!

March 30, 2023|Economy|

Why Taxes Are Harmful: A Response to The Woke Salaryman The Woke Salaryman believes taxes are important for a thriving society. The reality is quite the opposite. By Patrick Carroll - March 17, 2023 A Singapore-based webcomic called [...]

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The Debt Crisis Grows

March 28, 2023|Debt|

Student Loan And Big Bank Bailouts Won’t Help When The National Debt Crisis Comes The losses will pile up, and American taxpayers will foot the bill until they no longer can. By A.F. Cronin – March 16, 2023 [...]

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Using Courts to Gain Policy

March 20, 2023|Environment|

Democrats’ Climate Lawfare Campaign Jeopardizes America’s Energy Future Climate activists use the courts as a weapon to attack large energy companies — essentially leveraging the legal system as a proxy to win a war of public opinion. By [...]

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The Green Socialist of Mars

March 14, 2023|Environment|

By Daniel Greenfield - March 04, 2023 We live in a strange world in which the weather is a subject of furious political debate. People have been arguing about the weather ever since the first rainstorm caught the first man without [...]

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A Legacy of Light

March 1, 2023|Liberty|

How Leonard Read's electric candle illuminated the world. By Dan Sanchez - February 14, 2023 We are living in dark times. The leviathan state has cast its shadow over the world, leaving economic devastation, war, and civil strife [...]

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