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Republic or Democracy?

October 20, 2021

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Be Healthy in the Covid Era

Bolster Your Immune System, Regardless of Vaccine Choice: Dr. Mark Sherwood By American Faith – October 14, 2021 With all the attention on the pandemic, it’s amazing how little people still know about the novel coronavirus. Covid-19 is one of seven types of known human coronaviruses. Like the MERS and SARS coronaviruses, it likely evolved…

Republic or Democracy?

Is America a democracy or a republic? Why did our Founders steer away from the one that could destroy us quickly and violently? Have we kept what the Founders gave us? Click on the link below for a brief PragerU video to understand what contributed to making America so unique. https://www.prageru.com/video/the-difference-between-a-democracy-and-a-republic?utm_source=Iterable&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=campaign_2963051 Hunt For Liberty

It’s Our Country!

How Americans Take Back Their Nation By Mike Kapic – September 24, 2021 We’re all concerned about the seemingly abrupt change in the direction America has taken. The truth is, it’s been moving toward the Progressive Lefts Social Contract Theory since the late 19th century. Our decline has accelerated over the last sixty years and…

Parents Fighting Back

Across America, Parents Refuse To Be Intimidated By Biden’s Attorney General Labeling Them Domestic Terrorists Instead of recognizing a mom as the hero that she is for protecting children from porn and pedophilia in school libraries, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland has issued a declaration of war on America’s parents. By Asra Q. Nomani – OCTOBER 6,…

Explosive Tax Hunt

One GOP Senator’s Question That Shreds the IRS’ Proposed Financial Tracking Operation How many surveillance schemes can the government hatch under a Democratic administration? Matt Vespa – Oct 07, 2021 Seriously. How many times can they commit gross overreach? They issued a new eviction moratorium even when most legal scholars said it would probably be…

Constitutional Balance – Part III

What ‘rights’ do states really have under the Constitution? Part III The dividing line is fiercely contested and always has been. But wherever one draws the line, it makes more sense to talk about ‘federalism’ than ‘states’ rights’ By Justin Collings  Sep 18, 2021 Editor’s note: In his April 4 address at the general conference of The Church…

Audit Results Embarrass Arizona

What Arizona Audit Really Shows—and Why Election Officials Should Be Embarrassed Arizona law enforcement also has an obligation to investigate the worrying findings of the audit. By Hans von Spakovsky  – September 30, 2021 Critics of the forensic audit of Maricopa County, Arizona—including local election officials and many reporters—who are crowing that the audit confirms that President Joe…

America’s Tea Tax…Again!

The 1773 Boston Tea Party uprising rings true today. America’s out of control spending and taxing explained by David Walker, Controller under two previous administrations. He offers the solution for halting America’s dangerous decent toward self-destruction. Click on the arrow above for this informative and brief 8 minute video. Let Us Vote for a BBA.org

JBS vs. Article V Part II

The John Birch Society vs. Article V Part II  Rodney Dodsworth    June 18, 2018     The logic that decades ago led the John Birch Society to condemn communism, big government and the welfare state mysteriously ends when it comes to the slow strangulation of liberty in post-17th Amendment America. Sad to say, but a soft relativism seeped…

State Legislators and Public Trust

A State Legislator’s Duty To Maintain Public Trust in Elections By Paul S. Gardiner – September 26, 2021 This article addresses the issue of how state legislators can fulfill their constitutional duty to better ensure fair and honest elections at polling places. While the discussion uses Georgia as an example, the recommendations apply to other states where there has…

Solutions for Survival

15 BIG SOLUTIONS to Survive and Thrive Through Tyranny By Cory’s Digs – September 29, 2021  “No more fun and games” is how the old saying goes – I say…. bring it on! Let’s go all fun and games and let’s create, build, and manifest the most incredible communities together! Stop with the distractions and…

JBS vs. Article V

The John Birch Society vs. Article V  Part I by Rodney Dodsworth  –  May 22, 2016  26 Comments on The John Birch Society vs. Article V Near the core of John Birch Society opposition to an Article V Convention of the States is mistrust of the American people. Dig further and one cannot avoid the conclusion that JBS…

Faith over Fear

It is time We the People stopped being afraid of what the government and politicians have been preaching: the fear of dying from the flu in order to control our liberties. The on again, off again CDC commands are being challenged by independent medical experts such as Dr. Dan Stock in this brief video. Faith…

Family Roots Returning

Social Conservatives Were Right About Sex, New York Times Columnist Admits After decades of tearing down manners and norms, self-proclaimed social progressives are now frantically trying to reconstitute some sense of public decency. By Nathanael Blake – SEPTEMBER 29, 2021 Social conservatives are always losing, yet never quite defeated. In politics and the culture wars, it feels…

More Religion in School

Americans Are Surprisingly Supportive of Religion in School By Kelsey Dallas – Sept. 27, 2021 It’s not easy to be a school administrator these days. In addition to sorting out confusing (and controversial) safety guidance tied to COVID-19, education leaders must deal with pushback (and then the pushback to the pushback) to their efforts to…

The Pledge vs Oath

The Socialists Knew What They Were Doing When They Created America’s Pledge of Allegiance By James Peron – May 1, 2001 When George W. Bush became president last January, he struck a familiar pose. Raising his right hand before the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, he swore to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution…