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Shaping the EC: History

October 21, 2019

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The Inequality Dividend

WSJ January 11, 2020 The Economy’s Inequality Dividend Growth is lifting low-income workers and the middle class. By The Editorial Board | 782 words The December employment report on Friday was a modest disappointment with fewer new jobs and slowing wage gains. But the report is an exception to other strong recent labor data, and…

Electoral College Defense

New Hampshire Is Fighting Back to Defend the Electoral College Tara Ross – January 14, 2020 The New Hampshire Legislature is considering a bill that would block the release of popular vote totals until after the Electoral College has met. New Hampshire legislators have introduced an election bill that would be completely unacceptable under normal circumstances. But…

Early Impeachments

WSJ January 11, 2020 Early Impeachments in 2020 Hindsight By Max Raskin | 455 words If you think impeachment is too political in 2020, remember 1804. That year saw two impeachment trials, including one of a Supreme Court justice, presided over by a vice president who had just killed a former Treasury secretary in a…

Valley Forge History

This Day in History: George Washington’s plea for help from Valley Forge By Tara Ross – December 29, 2019 On this day in 1777, General George Washington writes a letter from Valley Forge. The army was struggling, and Washington pled for help. A copy of Washington’s letter was delivered to nearly every state. The General…

Our Children’s Debt!

Federal Spending Explodes at Nearly $300,000 Per Household Since 2010 The federal government spent $34,700 per U.S. household in fiscal 2019, which is serious money no matter what part of the country you live in. David Ditch – December 22, 2019 Amid the drama surrounding impeachment, both parties came together on one area of shared…


Justice Department says Equal Rights Amendment is dead despite Democratic push by Sean Higgins | January 08, 2020 A Justice Department legal opinion released this week said the Equal Rights Amendment was a dead letter despite supporters’ recent efforts to put ratification back on track. The DOJ said the deadline to ratify the constitutional amendment passed…

Washington’s State of the Union

George Washington’s State of the Union Address Holds Lessons for the 21st Century It was a time when government knew its limits and its proper place, and the people did too. Lawrence W. Reed – January 8, 2019 A few million people will be watching when President Trump delivers his State of the Union Address…

Charter Schools & Parents’ Rights

We Hear You: In Defense of Charter Schools and Parents’ Rights Letter to the Editor: Ken McIntyre – January 05, 2020 “Not one of my really, really underpaid teachers in underfunded schools ever told me America was never as great as it claims,” Peggy Wlliams writes. Dear Daily Signal: Daniel Davis’s podcast interview with charter schools…

Wanted-A Congress of the United States

Restore Constitutionalism by Rodney Dodsworth – December 9, 2019 In another age not that long ago there were Congresses of the United States. These Congresses of representatives of the people and the states knew their first purpose was defense of the United States. All those rights and privileges put to paper are worthless without physical…

Government Constitutional Abuse

WSJ December 28, 2019 Equal Opportunity Discrimination Oracle is fighting back against a dubious Obama-era complaint. By The Editorial Board | 500 words Protecting the constitutional separation of powers is back in political fashion as more businesses challenge abuses of administrative agencies. One case worth watching is Oracle’s lawsuit arguing that the Labor Department has…

Tara Ross & the Electoral College

Historian Tara Ross: Electoral College ‘Critically Important’  by Stuart MacPhail January 2020 During December The Daily Wire published a two-part interview with lawyer/historian Tara Ross.  In this thoughtful interview Ms. Ross responds to opposition questions. “It’s become conventional wisdom that lack of technology was part of why the Electoral College was created, which is sad because it’s…

Iran & the Europeans

As Iran’s Threat Rises, Where Are the Europeans? By Robert B. Charles – December 30, 2019 In late 2019, Americans are overwhelmingly concerned about only one foreign policy issue: Iran obtaining nuclear weapons. Notably, Americans strongly prefer a non-military solution, but understand a military solution may be necessary. The real question is – where are the…

Article V Updates

Five Constitutional Amendment Efforts to Watch in 2020 – by Stuart MacPhail  January 2020 As 2020 state legislative sessions are ready to start, five efforts are underway to bring about amendments to the US Constitution. Convention of States Project (CoSP):   (14 state resolutions already adopted) In Pennsylvania House Resolution 206 (the CoSP triple-subject proposal) has 8 sponsors, and was…

Preventable CA Fires

WSJ October 26, 2019 LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Stakeholder Capitalism and No Electricity Does anyone see the irony in Sacramento promoting the purchase of electric vehicles through tax subsidies and then turning off the electricity that makes them run? 550 words Allysia Finley describes California’s Pacific Gas and Electric Co. as a poster child for…

SCOTUS-Getting it Right. Sometimes.

Gerrymandering and School Busing – No Justiciable Standard Rodney Dodsworth – December 23, 2019 Few take more delight in hammering Scotus than yours truly. Being supposedly apolitical, it is often anything but a neutral expositor of the law and regularly wanders into societal and political controversies in which it has no legitimate authority. After decades of…

The “Invisible Hand” Doing Good

How Adam Smith Showed We Can Do Good By Doing Well Doing good while doing well proposition does not describe government officials’ actions. T. Norman Van Cott – December 23, 2019 Among economists’ insights over the last almost 250 years, one of the keenest is that one can do good while doing well. The idea…

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