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February 25, 2019

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Myth #3: Electoral College is Undemocratic

Electoral College Myth #3: The Electoral College is undemocratic  by Tara Ross September 13, 2016 Myth number 3 in my series on Electoral College Myths!  Please don’t miss the earlier installments here: Myth #1: Only swing states matter, other states are ignored Myth #2: The Founders did not trust the people Myth: The person who wins the national popular vote…

Article V Activity

Dozens of Article V-related Bills Wend Their Way through State Legislatures by Stuart MacPhail April 2019 Progress on the Congressional Term Limits Effort –  On March 4 the Arizona House approved HCR2022, the congressional term limits Article V resolution.  That bill was sponsored by Rep. Kelly Townsend with 26 bipartisan co-sponsors.  It passed on a…

April 19, 244 Years Ago

This Day in History: The “Shot Heard Round the World” is fired at Lexington Green  by Tara Ross April 19, 2018 On this day in 1775, the “shot heard round the world” occurs at Lexington Green! It had been mere hours since Paul Revere ended his famous ride from Boston to Lexington (see yesterday’s post). Seven hundred…

Our Constitution

What’s Good About the U.S. Constitution? Rob Natelson, April 5, 2019 Suppose you’re supervising a group of 25 randomly chosen able-bodied people. You organize an informal game of softball among them. Chances are that most participants will have a good time, and no one will be injured. Now change the rules to those of tackle…

Paul Harvey: We Were Warned

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” Ronald Reagan

Public Virtue Disappeared Prior to the Constitution

Public Virtue & Article V Opponents by Rodney Dodsworth  April 8, 3019 The Golden Age of Virtue, which Article V opponents attach to our early republics, never existed. This isn’t to say the literature and political writings by gentry and revolutionary leaders of the day did not appeal to virtue. After Benjamin Franklin wrote, “only a virtuous…

NPV vs. Electoral College

Historian Tara Ross explains the differences and why the Founders were right on PragerU.

Safeguarding Our American Republic

The only legal and safe way. By Paul S. Gardiner Mar. 26, 2019 Guest Commentary Conservative-thinking Americans who cherish their constitutional republic increasingly are asking how to effectively safeguard the republic against a rising tide of socialist beliefs and policies. Much of this concern is due to the accelerating movement of the Democrat Party to…

Electoral College Myth #2

Electoral College Myth #2: The Founders did not trust the people by Tara Ross September 6, 2016 Myth: The Founders created the Electoral College because they did not trust the people to govern themselves. Fact: The Founders knew that the voice of the people must be reflected in any government if it is to be legitimate. At the…

Understanding the Electoral College

I, like many others, didn’t understand the electoral college and thought it cumbersome and undemocratic. But, after researching the Founders objections to direct democracy, I’ve changed my mind. In fact, the electoral college is what allowed this country to out-live many other republics and democracies. It’s the glue.

Illinois Debt Solution

[Editor: Here’s an example of truly caring for America’s future and stepping up to do something that is constructive is non-partisan. It’s not about the Party, but about American’s coming together to solve problems] Illinois Dems Propose a BBA for Their State Constitution – by Stuart MacPhail, April 2019 According to a report by the…

Electoral College Myth #1

Electoral College Myth #1: Only swing states matter. Other states are ignored. by Tara Ross, August 30, 2016 Myth: Most states are ignored by presidential campaigns because of the Electoral College. Only swing states matter. A direct election system would fix this. Fact: There are two reasons why this perception is incorrect. First, an honest assessment of American…

Every American Owes: $67,000

Much Talk but No Action on $22 Trillion Debt –  by Stuart MacPhail  April 2019 In early March Utah Congressman Ben McAdams testified before the House Budget Committee, warning that interest on America’s $22 trillion debt has become the fastest growing part of the federal budget, saying both parties must work to lower deficits. McAdams,…

Is Mobocracy in Our Future?

Constitution Corner: Are we a democracy or a republic? By Mikie Kerr / March 30, 2019 Constitution Corner Share this story We are both a democracy and a republic in that a democracy is “Government by the people, exercised either directly or through elected representatives.” But the United States in not a direct democracy where…

Term Limits

U.S. TERM LIMITS PRAISES DENNIS AUCOIN FOR SIGNING PLEDGE March 29, 2019 For immediate release March 29, 2019 Contact: Scott Tillman, U.S. Term Limits Phone: (321) 345-7455 U.S. Term Limits Praises Dennis Aucoin for Signing Pledge Washington, DC – U.S. Term Limits (USTL), the leader in the national, non-partisan movement to limit terms for elected…

Part 5: Federalist 40 and the Constitutional Convention

Where’s the evidence that the Constitutional Convention ran away in Federalist #40? That it had been called to only amend but then threw out the Articles of Confederation, forming a new system of government?  by Mike Kapic April 2, 2019 Evidence Abstract James Madison authored Federalist #40 confirming the purpose of the convention. Madison affirmed…


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