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WSJ July 6, 2019 The Why, How and What of America Readings to appreciate the making of our nation and its continuing miracle. By Peggy Noonan | 1232 words I’m not really big on purple mountain majesties. I’d love America if it were a hole in the ground though yes, it’s beautiful. I don’t love…

Congressional Term Limits!

“Congress has a 14% approval rating. 60% of American’s say they would fire every single one. Congress is less popular than traffic jambs, root canal, or hemorrhoids.”

Our Debt Should Have a Siren?

Does Anybody Really Care about America’s $22 Trillion Debt? –  by Stuart MacPhail   June, 2019 On June 18 the Orlando Sentinel carried a piece entitled “National debt is $22 trillion and counting, and neither party cares”. The author, Scott Maxwell, says “At $22 trillion, the national debt is so large, it’s hard for most people to fathom.  The number…

Saving the Constitution

Article V – Saving the Constitution Rodney Dodsworth    May 7, 2018 Among the shortcomings of the Articles of Confederation was the near impossibility of amending them to meet pressing needs regarding taxation and commerce. In 1787-1788, the lower threshold to amend the Constitution per Article V overcame Anti-Federalist reluctance to form a new Union. From the…

Swiss Debt Brake

Swiss Spending Cap Continues to be Successful  by Stuart MacPhail    July, 2019 Over the past few years this publication and several others have extolled the virtues of “The Swiss Debt Brake” as a model for injecting fiscal responsibility into America’s national fiscal policies. Dan Mitchell of International Liberty has posted a review of the national spending-cap program Switzerland…

Assault on Western Civilization

Walter E. Williams   July 03, 2019 Western civilization was founded on a set of philosophies that focuses strongly on the sanctity of individuals and their power of logic and reason. This belief led to a desire to trust things that could be proven to be true or legitimate, from government to science. Judeo-Christian morality has…

Our Constitutional Compact and Article V

Our situation has more in common with battered wife syndrome than as a society that penned an agreement, a compact, among ourselves. By Rodney Dodsworth June 24, 2019 Now and then the topic of contract or compact as it applies to our Constitution comes up on the web. Outwardly, it’s a sleep-worthy subject. Who cares…

Who Writes Our Laws!?

With Administrative Law Rollback, Supreme Court Begins To Drain The Swamp Executive agencies are on notice that it’s no longer ‘anything goes’ when they rewrite their own rules, that judges will hold their feet to the statutory fire. By Ilya Shapiro JUNE 28, 2019 In an otherwise obscure case about veterans’ benefits, the Supreme Court on Wednesday…

History: Virginia Ratifies Constitution

This Day in History: A battle of heavyweights at the Virginia ratifying convention by Tara Ross June 25, 2019 On this day in 1788, Virginia ratifies the United States Constitution. At the time, many thought that Virginia had provided the critical 9th vote to put the Constitution into effect. They were wrong. New Hampshire provided that…

Unequal is Fair

A billion people have been raised out of poverty since the ’80s because of one thing: inequality. Without it, we’d all be poor.

States Must Step Up!

Congress has demonstrated that it will not do its job… so state leaders MUST use their Constitutionally-authorized powers… and step up. by Stuart MacPhail  July, 2019 Some advocates for solving national spending, deficit, and debt problems… and related national issues… think it is great that members of Congress are introducing and co-sponsoring proposed constitutional amendments. …

“Huston, We Have a Problem!”

4 Takeaways From a New Report on the National Debt Justin Bogie / June 25, 2019 By the end of this year, debt held by the public will amount to 78% of GDP, according to the Congressional Budget Office. A new government report has given us a glimpse into our nation’s fiscal future, and the outlook…

Happy Independence Day!

This Day in History: Happy Independence Day! by Tara Ross July 4, 2016 On this day in 1776, the Continental Congress adopts our Declaration of Independence. It had already resolved on July 2 that “these United Colonies are, and, of right, ought to be, Free and Independent States . . . .” Now it formally adopted…

The Founders Intent

By Frank Keeney JUNE 18, 2019 Today our federal government is gridlocked, dysfunctional, and in desperate need of repair. Because of the unwillingness or inability of Congress to act, a number of citizen groups advocating for government reform are working to convene a convention of states under Article V of the Constitution.  But they are meeting…

Shutdown dynamics highlight the state of politics on Trump’s anniversary

Healing States, But Not the Nation?

Article V – The Healing Principle by Rodney Dodsworth June 10, 2019 In 1776, Great Britain’s American colonists revolted in response to George III’s corruption of the British constitution. The twenty-seven indictments of him in our Declaration detailed his assaults. Americans didn’t have an Article V or its equivalent to peacefully secure the rights enjoyed by Englishmen…

The Left’s Elitism: Far From Regular Dems

WSJ June 22, 2019 Notable & Quotable: The Elitism of ‘Woke’ Ideology ‘The woke elite act like white saviors who must lead the rest of the country, including racial minorities.’ 273 words Zach Goldberg writing for Tablet, June 5: Over the past decade, the baseline attitudes expressed by white liberals on racial and social justice…


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