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Conventions that Made America

A Brief History of Consensus Building

  • The History of Conventions in America
  • How the Founders Provided Checks Against Tyranny
  • A Better Way to Amend the Constitution
  • Addressing Dysfunction in Government


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Shaping the EC: History

October 21, 2019

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September 23, 2019

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Have We Lost Our Way?

Members of Previous Generations Now Seem Like Giants Victor Davis Hanson  Oct 10, 2019 Many of the stories about the gods and heroes of Greek mythology were compiled during Greek Dark Ages. Impoverished tribes passed down oral traditions that originated after the fall of the lost palatial civilizations of the Mycenaean Greeks. Dark Age Greeks…

Education’s Report Card

Nation’s Report Card Shows Why We Should Get Washington Out of Education Nationally, only one-third of students in the fourth and eighth grade reached proficiency in math and reading. Lindsey Burke / November 01, 2019 Across the country, math and reading scores have continued a years long stagnation, with students largely showing no progress in academic achievement….

Fear 9 Un-elected Lawyers in Black Robes

Fear Scotus, not an Article V COS by Rodney Dodsworth | November 4, 2019 It’s easy to amend the Constitution. It’s been done dozens of times since WWII. Send the right case with the right litigants at the right time to an adequately Leftist-leaning Scotus and voila’, amend the Constitution. Pretty slick, eh? Through their silence,…

COS Updates

Current Activity at the Convention of States Project – On October 22 the Pennsylvania House and Senate State Government Committees held a joint hearing for HR 206, the Convention of States Project (CoSP) bill.  Andy Schlafly of the Eagle Forum testified against the bill. The bill, introduced in June, has 30 sponsors.  A companion bill in the…

From Darkness into the Light

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly by Vince Ansel – November 1, 2019 For decades now I have incessantly seen, heard, and read about the evils of the Republican Party from Democrats and the “mainstream media”. According to these sources, Republicans are a culture of people who religiously engage in racism, homophobia, sexism, xenophobia and other…

Our Kids Math Problem

California State University System’s Math Problem By WILLIAMSON M. EVERS, ZE’EV WURMAN September 23, 2019 The education bureaucrats in California have a public-relations problem. State education officials sold the Common Core K-12 academic standards to skeptical parents with the officials’ promise that kids would be “college- and career-ready.” California State University administrators sold abolition of remedial classes to incoming students and their…

Why Doctors Are Leaving

I Was a Physician at a Federally Qualified Health Center. Here’s Why I No Longer Believe Government Health Care Can Work When doctors are miserable, patients suffer. Rebekah Bernard M.D. August 26, 2019 In my medical training, a fellow physician tried to convince me that my liberal leanings on health care were misguided. While I…

Electric Car Racket

WSJ October 12, 2019 The Electric-Vehicle Subsidy Racket The $7,500 tax credit is going to many buyers who don’t qualify. By The Editorial Board | 459 words Federal subsidies for electric vehicles are an income transfer to the affluent, and now comes news that significant numbers don’t qualify. The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration…

The Anti-Constitutional Deep State

How Our Administrative State Undermines The Constitution         Scholar and political theorist John Marini’s new book addresses the foundational constitutional problem of our age—how to rein in America’s unaccountable federal bureaucracy. By William Turton – February 8, 2019 When Justice Clarence Thomas served as chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission during the Reagan administration, he brought two…

Our Core Cultural Conflicts

During a speech at the University of Notre Dame, Attorney General William Barr discussed the aggressive and destructive secularism now sweeping the country. Star Parker / October 23, 2019 Two recent high-profile speeches by Trump administration officials say much—maybe even all we need to know—about the core cultural conflicts in the country and what will define the…

Steam and Chips

WSJ October 19, 2019 How Steam and Chips Remade the World Cheap energy powered an economic revolution in the 18th century, and cheap information in the 20th. By John Steele Gordon | 796 words Not all inventions are equal. While the wheeled suitcase was a great idea, it didn’t change the world. But invent a…

Who Decides?

Who Makes the Decisions in America? Is it the elected officials, or is it the bureaucrats? The answer is a big problem. Harold Hutchison · Oct. 22, 2019 The irrevocable nature of centralized power and control to grow unabated, accumulating ever more power and control. There are times when things can boil down to a single…

Climate Primer

Top Climate Change Myths Exposed By Nancy Thorner – Oct 22, 2019 MasterTux/Pixabay/License If you believe the debate over global warming has ever been about science, or for that matter climate, you have been conditioned, through formal education or through reports warning of doom and gloom, to believe what others rightly describe as a world-wide hoax concocted to…

School Choice

WSJ October 19, 2019 Florida’s Reform Momentum By The Editorial Board | 572 words For policy consequences, the most important election in 2018 might have been Florida’s contest for Governor. Now we’re seeing the results, as Republican Ron DeSantis expands school vouchers and has already remade the state Supreme Court. With little fanfare this autumn,…

Protection from the Admin State

How Trump’s New Executive Orders Protect the Public Against the Administrative State Anthony Campau / Paul J. Larkin Jr. / October 15, 2019 On Oct. 9, President Trump issued two executive orders that protect the public against unknown agency interpretations of the law that could cost them their money or their jobs, or that could land them in prison….

Fishing in the Swamp

WSJ Oct 12, 2019 Whistleblowers and the Real Deep State Civil servants too often forget they work for the people and seek to impose their own policy agendas. By Kimberley A. Strassel | 1673 words House Democrats are plowing ahead with an impeachment effort inspired by accusations from an anonymous “whistleblower.” The lawmakers may allow…

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