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Tyranny of the Media

THE FOURTH ESTATE By: John Green – March 20, 2021 Outside the Bible our Constitution is probably the world’s greatest written document. In writing the Constitution our Founders recognized the need to ensure citizens had access to all points of view and information. The First Amendment does just that: “Congress shall make no law …abridging the freedom…

Taxing & Spending Trillions More

Biden Unveils Another Trillion-Dollar Spending “Plan” By AMAC Action – April 1, 2021           Joe Biden released the latest installment in the Democrats’ radical plan to transform America into a socialist society with fewer jobs and more dependence on government disguised as an “infrastructure plan.” This $2.5 trillion step on the agenda follows up on…

Worst Ideas in Education

Common Core and Critical Race Theory infiltrate civics while Republicans applaud. By Jane Robbins – March 2021 The Educating for Democracy Act (EDA) is an alarming piece of legislation in the U.S. Congress that unfortunately has support from naïve Republicans. At a price tag of $1 billion annually to taxpayers, the EDA promotes “Action Civics”…

Forced Equality

The ‘Gay’ Assault on Family and Faith The systematic devolution of gender by cadres of heterophobic science deniers. By MARK ALEXANDER – MAR. 31, 2021 “It is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favors.”…

Our Current Civil War

America’s Current Civil War Rages Over Judeo-Christian Values Judeo-Christian values are essentially another term for biblical values. Judaism and Christianity are both based on the Old Testament—its God, its Ten Commandments, its admonition to love one’s neighbor as oneself, to love God, to lead a holy life, etc. By Dennis Prager – March 30, 2021 Conservatives…

Federal Government

Writer Alleges: ‘Federal Government is clearly out of control’ by Stuart MacPhail – April 2021 Perhaps We Should Give the Constitution a Try says the headline in a March 15 opinion piece by John Green, published by Conservative Daily News. Green starts with the premise: “The Federal Government is clearly out of control.”  He follows that with reference…

Discovering More Election Truth

Judge Orders New Election After Discovering Unsettling Truth About Majority of Absentee Ballots By Elizabeth Stauffer – March 4, 2021 A Mississippi judge has ordered a new runoff election to be held for the alderman seat in Aberdeen’s Ward 1. Special Judge Jeff Weill cited “evidence of fraud and criminal activity in how absentee ballots were…

Biden Rejects Rule of Law

In Abortion Case, The Supreme Court Can Stop Biden From Pushing Extreme Rules In Secret Deals The Biden administration has abandoned the legally mandated rulemaking process to establish its preferred policies through closed-door settlements with political allies. By Margot Cleveland – MARCH 19, 2021 Elections have consequences. Abandoning the rule of law should not be one of…

Holy Week History

How And Where Did The Original Holy Week Happen? The days of Holy Week can be reconciled by careful accounting of events and by recognizing alternative ways that ancients used to mark time. By G.W. Thielman – MARCH 29, 2021 Christians around the world prepare for their Good Friday vigil by remembering the Last Supper on Holy…

Slavery to Freedom

Passover – From Slavery to Freedom by Daniel Greenfield – March 30, 2021 As the first days of another Passover conclude with the echoes of “Once we were slaves and now we are free” and “Next year in Jerusalem” recited at the Seder nights ringing in our ears, we know that freedom is a lot more than being…

Elites Are Killing Federalism

Leftists Consolidate Their Power In Washington By Killing Federalism With federalism out of the way, elites in Washington can more easily crush alternatives. By Matt A. Mayer – MARCH 25, 2021 Even the most casual reader of history knows that rule by progressivism involves a powerful federal government controlled by elite experts who know better than the…

Your Child’s Education

    What’s going on in your child’s school? Go to this PragerU video for an inside look. PragerU    

Masks No Panacea

Mask Mandates Don’t Necessarily Translate Into Fewer COVID-19 Cases by Michael Tennant March 24, 2021 The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) may be its own worst enemy. Every week, it seems, the agency issues new COVID-19 statistics that discredit its own recommendations for combating COVID-19. The CDC’s latest numbers show that many states without mask mandates…

Government: Friend or Foe?

Who in the federal government stands for me? By William H. McClure – March 19, 2021 My question to the federal government in these troubled times is simple: who stands for me?  The Congress doesn’t, the president and his administration don’t, and the Supreme Court doesn’t.  The FBI, DOJ, CIA, and Armed Forces don’t!  Who represents me? The Constitution…

HR-1 Elections: RIP America

8 Ways That HR 1, ‘For the People Act,’ Imperils Free and Fair Elections By Hans von Spakovsky – March 15, 2021 HR 1, the deceptively titled “For the People Act,” has arrived in the U.S. Senate after a party-line vote in the House of Representatives. It is without doubt the most dangerous and irresponsible election bill I have ever seen. If it becomes law, it…

Covid Death’s Real Numbers!

Ever wonder why a patient with a bullet in their head that also tested positive for the China flu was recorded by the hospital as a covid death?  How about a bonus from the government…chu-chink.