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The Sound of God

August 12, 2019

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In God We Trust

“In God We Trust” becomes the national motto  by Tara Ross July 30, 2019 On this day in 1956, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signs a law making “In God We Trust” the national motto. Interesting timing for this anniversary, given the news coming out of South Dakota and Kentucky? “In God We Trust” became the national…

Rediscovering Tact

WSJ July 20, 2019 America Needs to Rediscover Tact In our politics, holding back and minimizing pain has given way to rubbing people’s noses in defeat. By Peggy Noonan | 1210 words I want to kick away from the daily and get to something larger. We are a nation of just under 330 million. We…

Time To Use Article V

Writer Says ‘It’s About Time to Use Article V’ –  In a recent commentary carried in The SandPaper, a newsmagazine for east-central New Jersey, the author says “We all, presumably, love and respect the Constitution of the United States.  So why do we ignore Article V?”  The article by John M. Imperiale is entitled Constitutional Correction Course –…

Defensive Firearms Used Daily

Guns Saved These Americans From Assault and Robbery in July Amy Swearer / Lucas Drill / August 07, 2019 Firearms are used defensively about 1 million times a year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In the wake of tragic mass shootings, such as those occurring in recent days in El Paso, Texas, and…

Is America’s Religious Liberty Threatened?

[This is the first debate of a two part series] WSJ July 27, 2019 Yes, American Religious Liberty Is in Peril Today’s administrative state is on a collision course with traditional religious communities, and the key battleground is sexual morality. By David French | 1671 words As the 2020 presidential contest begins, it’s worth reflecting…

The Sound of God

The impact and sound of battle can be felt in the soul.

Dem’s Blue Dog Debt Solution

[This collection of two articles comes from Article V Caucus Newsletter] by Stuart MacPhail  August, 2019 A June 25 statement issued by the Democratic Blue Dog Coalition says: “The nonpartisan CBO report should sound alarm bells within both parties to work together to get our nation out of this fiscal mess.  If we don’t act, future generations will…

The Swiss Debt Solution

[The following collection of articles is from the Article V Caucus Newsletter relating to our debt and the Swiss Debt Brake] by Stuart MacPhail  August, 2019 Under the heading “Switzerland’s budget surplus shows power of constitutional restraints on federal spending” on July 10 the Convention of States Project (CoSP) extoled the virtues of the so-called “Swiss Debt Brake” as…

Electoral College Attacked

The Left’s Attacks on the Electoral College Are All About Political Power By Jarrett Stepman,  July 26, 2019 It seems that there isn’t a prominent progressive left in America who hasn’t come out in favor of abolishing the Electoral College. The latest is Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., who called for an end to our 200-plus-year-old…

Burying America Under Debt

Former Dem Leader Harry Reid: ‘The deficit is going to bury us’ –  by Stuart MacPhail  August, 2019 On April 23, 2019, C-Span conducted an interview with former US Senate Majority Leader (2007-2015) Harry Reid (D-Nevada) and former US House Speaker (2011-2015) John Boehner (R-Ohio), with moderator Chuck Todd. In that interview Reid said “I believe…and this may sound unusual coming from a…

“Let the Matter Stand”

Deep-Six Stare Decisis by Rodney Dodsworth July 8, 2019 Subtitle: We’ve Always Done it This Way. Long ago in another life, my first boss told me the quickest way to get fired was to defend an existing procedure with, “we’ve always done it this way.” By that standard, dozens of Scotus judges over the past hundred…

Delegates Discuss Presidential Election

The Constitutional Convention discusses presidential selection  by Tara Ross July 8, 2019 During this month in 1787, delegates to the Constitutional Convention debate an important question: How should a President be elected? You’d be surprised by the great variety of crazy ideas they had. For starters, it wasn’t a foregone conclusion that we’d have only one…

Candidates Will Bankrupt Health Care

Democratic Candidates Push “Medicare For All” at AARP Forum By Robert B. Charles   July 17, 2019 Democratic presidential candidates seem convinced a leftward rush is the ticket to success in 2020.  That is how they aim to beat President Trump, who produced the best economy in 50 years, has strong national security credentials, a moral compass…

Social Security’s Last 16 Years

The Deafening Silence on Social Security’s Looming Insolvency Social Security will become insolvent in just 16 years. Who says so? The people who run the Social Security Administration. James R. Harrigan Antony Davies July 3, 2019 As the 2020 presidential campaign heats up, it’s disturbing that members of both parties seem unwilling to talk about…

Squad Terror

by Rodney Dodsworth July 22, 2019 Subtitle: Whose Morality? When I was a teenager I remember what passed for wisdom from the older college kids: “Hey man, everyone knows you can’t legislate morality.” I wasn’t comfortable with that and eventually learned why. Law reflects the morality of the lawgiver. It can’t be any other way. A…

A Dose of Anti-Federalism Needed

WSJ July 6, 2019 The Founders Who Opposed the Constitution The Anti-Federalists gave us the Bill of Rights. Judge Andrew Oldham says they can also give us insight on the modern administrative state. By Jason Willick | 1936 words Austin, Texas What does the Constitution protect? “If you talk to somebody on the street,”he might…