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Inside the Declaration

July 4, 2023|American History, Liberty|

Insights to Declaration Mike Kapic – July 4, 2023 Here are two astute studies on understanding the first steps in our founding. Six Principles by David Barton (Lesson 7 of Rick Green’s Patriot Academy: Biblical Citizenship) There is [...]

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Who is Dorothy Thompson?

February 28, 2023|American History|

Dorothy Thompson: Precursor to Lane, Paterson and Rand? Thompson’s blistering attacks on political and economic authoritarianism abroad mirrored what she often said about similar developments here in America. By Lawrence W. Reed - February 5, 2023 In an [...]

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You & Your Speech

February 22, 2023|American History|

You Are What You Speak! By NCCS – January 31, 2023 Today’s politics seems more partisan than ever. We are very divided in what we believe to be the proper role of government and how government should, or [...]

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December 31, 1912

January 12, 2023|American History|

By Daniel Greenfield - December 31, 2022 (Posting this article has become an annual tradition ever since the grim end of 2012. It's a reminder that the end of each year ushers in unknowns, but also opportunities for heroism. History [...]

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What Killed Democracy?

December 28, 2022|American History|

Democracy is Dead, and Democracy Killed it Democracy is in danger? No. The democracy of capitalism is. By Axel Weber - December 15, 2022 Democracy is in danger! Or at least that’s what politicians and pundits would have [...]

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Governance vs Character

December 28, 2022|American History|

A President Who Warned Americans What Extravagant Federal Spending Would Do to Character Grover Cleveland was a man who said what he meant and meant what he said, come Hell or high water. By Lawrence W. Reed - [...]

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