3 Ways to Fix America

May 12, 2022|Videos|

We citizens recognize that something in America is broken. How do we Americans determine what it is? But, once we find it, how do we fixt it? This brief PragerU video explains how we ordinary folks can begin [...]

Why Study History

May 6, 2022|Videos|

Wisdom in old shelves and books. In this brief PragerU video, you'll find the reason why history is so important to our very survival. Follow Victor David Hanson on this insightful journey here.  

Climate Warming Questions

May 6, 2022|Environment|

Climate change and the question of science By: Andy May - April 21, 2022 Promoters of the human-caused climate-change narrative sometimes ask skeptics if they believe in evolution or gravity. It is a way of ridiculing the skepticism. [...]

The ‘Debt Brake’

May 3, 2022|Debt|

Swiss flag on the top of Mannlichen (Jungfrau region, Bern, Switzerland) Updated Assessment of Switzerland’s Spending Cap by Dan Mitchell - April 28, 2022 Since I’m a big fan of spending caps, I’m very happy to be in Zurich as part [...]

Children’s Books & Prejudice

April 29, 2022|Videos| Publishers are filling libraries, schools, and book stores with only one side of the American story. And it only tells half of the tales journey. Parents, search for the other parts.

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