The NYT Wrong on Court

January 16, 2023|Supreme Court|

The Warren Court New York Times Misfire With High Court Piece By Seamus Brennan - January 5, 2023 For decades, left-wing activists cemented their power in the public square by treating the U.S. judiciary as a [...]

Den of Thieves

January 5, 2023|Debt|

By Judd Garrett - December 24, 2022 On Wednesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky gave a speech to a joint session of Congress demanding that we give him more money on top of the $50 billion we have already [...]

More Energy – Less Reg’s

December 26, 2022|Energy|

The World Needs More Energy and Less Energy Regulation By Connor O'Keeffe – Dec. 10, 2022 Energy is a highly regulated industry across the world. There is less debate about the need for government control when it comes [...]

Arizona Poll Watchers Testify

December 22, 2022|Videos|

by Mike Kapic - Dec. 15, 2022 Arizona poll workers inform the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors of election problems.   Kari Lake's Tweets record poll workers comments. More videos: More AZ BOS complaints: More AZ [...]

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Presidential Powers

December 7, 2022|Videos|

by Mike Kapic - 12/2/2022 The U.S. Constitution defines specifically the powers of the Executive in Article II. This PragerU 5 minute video reviews these powers here. The Constitution requires the Congress and Supreme Court the authority to [...]

AZ Election Unlawful

November 23, 2022|Videos|

Arizona election law broken with no consequences. By Mike Kapic - November 19, 2022 View the Maricopa County video here.

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