Burning Down our Constitutional House

By Rodney Dodsworth – April 16, 2016

The Constitution was to be our republican house, our shelter from tyranny.

Its four load bearing walls were the three federal branches plus the state governments. This structure in turn was protected from the harsh elements of despotism by a roof composed of ten recognized, God-given and societal rights. Various interior design details in the form of enumerated powers and those prohibited to the states, made for prosperous living to a free people.

Since 1913 we have largely failed to maintain our home. What began as seemingly minor alterations to the structure, beginning with the 17th Amendment, rot was introduced that slowly weakened the entire framework.

In time, the roof to our republic, the Bill of Rights also suffered from neglect when entire sections, blown off in passing storms of moral relativism, went unrepaired. Once the corrupted structure began to fail, an arsonist by the name of Barack Obama came along to hasten its destruction.

No one knows if our home can be saved. What is certain is the late hour. There is little time, and this isn’t the time to delay. When one’s home is burning down is not the time to measure for window treatments.

It is foolish to trifle with the trivial when what is needed is a 911 call to the fire department to put out the blaze. The mere act of convening an Article V state amendments convention is tantamount to putting out the fire, for it will serve notice to the Uniparty we will fight the arsonists and work to save our heavily damaged house.

Why should Congress be trusted to call the fire department when it has already ignored over 400 calls? The time has passed to conform to peacetime niceties. Because we are in extremis, the states should not await a congressional call to convention that will likely never arrive.

Just do it, convene while we still can and restore free government.

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