Founders Constitution Pt.I

April 17, 2023|Constitution|

1787: The painting Signing the Constitution of the United States by Thomas Pritchard Rossiter. The painting, painted in 1878, resides at Independence National Historical Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by MPI/Getty Images) The Founders and the Constitution, [...]

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Representative Governance?

April 4, 2023|Constitution|

Arizona Senate Chamber The End of Representative Government? By Rob Natelson - March 20, 2023 In their 2010 book “The Blueprint,” authors Adam Schrager and Rob Witwer document how four “progressive” Colorado mega-donors funded political hit [...]

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1st Amendment vs. The People

January 10, 2023|Constitution|

Courts Won’t Stop The Feds From Deputizing Big Tech—The People Must The First Amendment, as currently interpreted, lacks the strength to stop the censorship and other Stasi-esque goals of the deep state. By Margo Cleveland – December 29, [...]

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Christmas Foundational to U.S.

December 26, 2022|Constitution|

Without Christmas, There Would Be No United States As a Christian holiday, Christmas is foundational to America’s original character. It’s affected our founders’ understanding of human nature. By Scott Powell – December 23, 2022 6 MIN READ Across [...]

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Tyranny in America

December 20, 2022|Constitution|

14 Signs of Totalitarianism: Some of these techniques are playing out before our eyes. By Jon Miltimore - December 13, 2022 We all know the cons of Twitter, but one of the pros is discovering new and interesting people. [...]

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SCOTUS Lawmakers

December 5, 2022|Constitution|

Until Congress Considers A Due Process Fix, Unelected SCOTUS Justices Will Keep Lawmaking It is time to reconsider whether the court should ever use the due process guarantee to define a substantive right. By Louis Trotta – November [...]

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