A Tyranny of Moral Minorities

May 12, 2022|Health|

By Daniel Greenfield - May 02, 2022 When pilots and flight attendants announced the end of the mask mandate in-flight, most passengers cheered. Everyone except the media which claimed the masked were the victims. Biden, in an unexpected moment of sanity, [...]

Climate Warming Questions

May 6, 2022|Environment|

Climate change and the question of science By: Andy May - April 21, 2022 Promoters of the human-caused climate-change narrative sometimes ask skeptics if they believe in evolution or gravity. It is a way of ridiculing the skepticism. [...]

The ‘Debt Brake’

May 3, 2022|Debt|

Swiss flag on the top of Mannlichen (Jungfrau region, Bern, Switzerland) Updated Assessment of Switzerland’s Spending Cap by Dan Mitchell - April 28, 2022 Since I’m a big fan of spending caps, I’m very happy to be in Zurich as part [...]

Treating Covid Responsibly

April 26, 2022|Health|

Using common sense is usually successful. By John Kinkaid, MBA – April 19, 2022 If you or a loved one come down with a serious strain of the Covid-19 (Wuhan virus), it’s good to know where to go [...]

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