As Americans we should be asking ourselves, Who Decides? Who makes the decisions that control our lives? If you said, “I do”, I’m afraid that hasn’t been true for many decades. Every day over the last hundred years our liberty has been slowly taken from us bit-by-bit as the federal government has grown to the size it is today. As a self-governing republic, We the People are supposed to decide.

Instead, our government has been making decisions for us that include how much of our income they can take and spend, the kind of light bulbs we can buy, the kind of gas we can buy or the kind of healthcare we can receive. All decisions reserved for us in the Constitution.

Our Founders originated a republican form of self-governance for us in the Constitution. From the Enlightenment era came the foundation of our natural rights: life, liberty, and property. This was declared in the first two articles of the Declaration and then in the Ninth and subsequent Amendments of the Constitution. Simply, the people’s rights come first and the government comes second.

We the People, have more rights than politicians, bureaucrats, and lobbyists in Washington DC and we are, therefore, protected from them by the republican Constitution. Different than the democratic Constitution we use today.

Today polls identify wide margins of Americans who believe that our government is not trusted and is going in the wrong direction. Recently, millions of Americans of all political parties have been forming and joining various movements that cry, “Enough, we want our country back!”

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Join in the hunt and restoration of self-governance by We the People.

Mike Kapic,
HFL Editor


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