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Revealing the convention of states standard operation:

Phoenix BBA Planning Convention 2017 : This video is a 7 minute compilation of the 4 day Balanced Budget Amendment Convention in 2017.

This is what a convention of states operates like when meeting to resolve state issues or to amend the Constitution on a national issue. They have occurred frequently over 400 years of America solving problems larger than legislatures and life itself. The records of nearly 700 prove the success of the continuity and success of the process, even when the meeting Call’s outcomes vary.

2017 Phoenix convention of states

The Phoenix Planning Convention for a BBA convened with the following program:

  • The BBA Planning Convention was held in Phoenix AZ Sept 12-15, 2017, at the Capital
  • 19 states were in attendance
  • 72 delegates (commissioned by their states) were in attendance
  • The states convened over four days
  • Protocols included:
    • Transition from temporary AZ leadership to convention selected leadership
    • One state, one vote
    • Drafting of rules for this convention
    • Verify state delegate credentials
    • State selected delegates varied from 1 – 7
  • Committees consisted of committee of the whole, and committees/subcommittees as follows:
    • Planning
    • Delegate & Correspondence
    • Credentials
    • Rules
    • Time, place and logistics
    • Style

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