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HCR 24 to the Rescue

March 29, 2023|Article V|

House Budget Committee chair renews call for constitutional convention of states to address US debt Arrington called for a convention of states to amend the US Constitution to force Congress to balance the budget By Fred Lucas – March 15, [...]

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Parable: A Nation

March 21, 2023|Article V|

The Parable of the Dying Nation by Diana Telles - March 05, 2023 A once exceptional nation of free citizens was facing its demise following years of yielding to an overbearing Federal Government that disregarded its Constitution. The [...]

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Article V Official List

March 1, 2023|Article V|

Does an official list of applications exist? By Mr. MESSER – February 2023 H.R. 1742. Congress has the power to enact this legislation pursuant to the following: Article V of the Constitution requires Congress to call a convention [...]

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Article V News

February 9, 2023|Article V|

Vickie Deppe - February 2023 Our friend David Guldenschuh has prepared a new Legislative Progress Report to kick off the 2023 session. Detailed information on current legislation follows.     Connecticut Representative Kathy Kennedy has filed an application [...]

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Ignoring the Constitution?

January 2, 2023|Article V|

Why Have a Constitution If You Just Ignore It? By Frank Miele - October 10, 2022 In two recent columns, I wrote about the danger of public officials who are either unaware of the restrictions placed upon them [...]

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Don’t Hand Them the Ammo

December 27, 2022|Article V|

The Constitution in Jeopardy by Russ Feingold and Peter Prindiville A review by Vickie Deppe – November 2022 Russ Feingold is accomplished, intelligent, well-educated, and, most importantly, well-deserving of his reputation for bipartisanship during his tenure in the United States [...]

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