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Citizen Letter of Dissent

September 10, 2023|Article V Caucus|

State Declarations of Dissent  Goal: Open a new front in the struggle against Big Government with a letter that citizens can send to their state legislators, asking, demanding that they speak up on our behalf! This is a [...]

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States, Wake Up!

June 25, 2023|Article V Caucus|

We the People need you…to tell your state legislators… “Only you can save America!” By Mike Kapic – June 26, 2023 To understand what, you must first understand one of America’s most serious problems: debt! How much is [...]

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Federalism Lesson

June 7, 2022|Article V Caucus|

Five Guys: What Dobbs v Jackson Can Teach Us About Federalism  by Vickie Deppe – June 2022 The leak of a draft Supreme Court opinion penned by Justice Samuel Alito has ignited a firestorm in Washington and across the nation. [...]

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Phoenix Self-Government Convention

July 2, 2021|Article V Caucus|

Fifty-fifth LegislatureFirst Regular Session COMMITTEE ON GOVERNMENT & ELECTIONSHOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES AMENDMENTS TO S.C.R. 1010 (Reference to Senate engrossed resolution) Strike everything after the resolving clause and insert: "Whereas, the United States Constitution divides powers between the federal [...]

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