War on God & Bible

September 20, 2022|Faith|

The Left’s War On History Is Really A War On The God Of The Bible America as we know it is the product of the revolution of the Bible. But now that biblical inheritance is under siege. By [...]

DC: Heating Without Gas

September 19, 2022|Energy|

Let’s Talk About Mayor Muriel Bowser’s Looming Gas Pains  Leftist politicians and activists rarely ponder the foreseeable consequences of their actions, and typically demand solutions paid for by others. By Craig Rucker – September 2, 2022 4 MIN [...]

A Balanced Budget Attempt

September 12, 2022|Debt|

30 Years Ago President Bush: "The American People are Fed Up...Government is too Big and Spends too Much...Encourage your Congressman to...Pass a BBA Address to the Nation on the Balanced Budget Amendment By George HW Bush - June [...]

Open Letter to Spiritual Leaders

August 23, 2022|Faith|

George Washington's Flag A Prayerful Cry for Help Dear Spiritual Leader – August 1, 2022 We the people find ourselves in a quandary and need your help: Under our watch, we American’s have allowed our Nation [...]

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96% of Temp Data Bad

August 16, 2022|Environment|

Climate Change – 96% Of US Temperature Data Corrupted? Humans have caused warming, but mostly just locally. By: Caroline Adana - August 04, 2022 A new scientific report documents that almost all US temperature measurement stations are in compromised [...]

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Our Pagan Nationalism

August 15, 2022|Faith|

Unbelief is Destructive. That’s Why Pagan Nationalism is So Dangerous. By Chris Hume – August 4, 2022 The hullabaloo about the bugaboo of “Christian nationalism” is a diversion from what its opponents are of necessity promoting—namely, pagan nationalism. [...]

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