The War Against Chaos

January 25, 2023|Faith|

I’m typing this out while I’m racked out in the back of my SUV in a Walmart parking lot in a college town, sipping a beer. I was attempting to spend New Year’s Day camping at the homestead, [...]

Faith vs. Work

January 24, 2023|Faith|

Your Work And Your Faith Are Not Separate Our men’s group at church is doing a study on the book Lies Men Believe And The Truth That Sets Them Free by Robert Wolgemuth. We were tasked with picking one of [...]

The NYT Wrong on Court

January 16, 2023|Supreme Court|

The Warren Court New York Times Misfire With High Court Piece By Seamus Brennan - January 5, 2023 For decades, left-wing activists cemented their power in the public square by treating the U.S. judiciary as a [...]

God’s Will for America

January 10, 2023|Faith|

Do We Really Know God’s Will for America? By Jamie Rohrbaugh, - December 29, 2022 If we do not know God’s will for America, we will not be able to pray with power, faith, or certainty. However, if we [...]

Den of Thieves

January 5, 2023|Debt|

By Judd Garrett - December 24, 2022 On Wednesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky gave a speech to a joint session of Congress demanding that we give him more money on top of the $50 billion we have already [...]

Stand Fast in Liberty

January 3, 2023|Faith|

In Hoc Anno Domini This editorial was written in 1949 by the late Vermont Royster and has been published annually since. 606 words (It’s Latin for “in this year of [our] lord”. The traditional abbreviation “A.D.”, used as [...]

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