By David Wilder – May 1, 2024

The movies show the half-crazed horse running crazily down the road. There is nobody controlling the reigns. And we all wait – will a hero rescue it, or will it careen down a ravine or over a cliff?

Well, if it’s not obvious, America needs a hero to stop the federal government run-away. They don’t follow the Constitution, the rule of law and equal protection under it, and there is certainly no consideration to save the wagon (that’s us!). If they are ‘representatives’, why are they ignoring the represented? Who exactly, are they representing, beside their career own prospects?

And no this is not about Trump. No one person can reign in this juggernaut. It takes something much bigger. It takes the power that created the federal government to begin with. That is the States. The states can come together to be the hero. It’s time to come together… because we are heading helter-skelter toward a cliff.

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