The NYT Wrong on Court

January 16, 2023|Supreme Court|

The Warren Court New York Times Misfire With High Court Piece By Seamus Brennan - January 5, 2023 For decades, left-wing activists cemented their power in the public square by treating the U.S. judiciary as a [...]

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Marriage Defined

January 9, 2023|Culture|

Who Should Define Marriage? By NCCS – December 28, 2022 - Volume 51, Issue 3  Listen to the audio When considering anything in life, we must consult natural law. Natural law is simply the way “the laws of nature [...]

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Den of Thieves

January 5, 2023|Debt|

By Judd Garrett - December 24, 2022 On Wednesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky gave a speech to a joint session of Congress demanding that we give him more money on top of the $50 billion we have already [...]

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More Energy – Less Reg’s

December 26, 2022|Energy|

The World Needs More Energy and Less Energy Regulation By Connor O'Keeffe – Dec. 10, 2022 Energy is a highly regulated industry across the world. There is less debate about the need for government control when it comes [...]

Political Marriage vs. Children

December 8, 2022|Culture|

When Christian Leaders Capitulate On Marriage, Innocent Children Suffer What French never acknowledges and Dalrymple barely considers is what happens after weddings. But that is when the harm becomes most evident. By Megan Basham – November 28, 2022 [...]

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Peer Pressure & You

December 1, 2022|Culture|

by Mike Kapic - Nov. 25, 2022 When do we know that following the crowd is not working? When should we, individually, decide to trust our own instincts? Or do we just succumb to the bully and peer [...]

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