By Judd Garrett – December 24, 2022

On Wednesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky gave a speech to a joint session of Congress demanding that we give him more money on top of the $50 billion we have already given him to conduct the war against Russia. And grifters like Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton fell all over themselves to compare Zelensky’s insipid speech to those of Winston Churchill. Two days later, both the House and the Senate passed a $1.7 trillion omnibus bill that included giving another $54 billion for Ukraine.

My question is simple, why are we taking on that debt? We don’t have this money to give. It’s not like we have $54 billion burning a hole in our pocket. We are broke. The United States of America is broke. How do I know that? Simple math. We have a $31.4 trillion national debt, and every year, we spend about $1 trillion more than we take in. So, we are broke. What would you call a family that earns $100,000 per year, but spends $125,000 every year, and has $600,000 of credit card debt? Broke. That is the equivalent of the United States of America financial picture.

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Here’s another question. Why doesn’t Ukraine take on the $104 billion of debt to conduct their war? Every penny that we give to Ukraine is added onto our national debt. Every penny. Not one red cent of what we are giving to Ukraine is paid for. Why are we accruing this debt and not them? It doesn’t make sense. If we want to help Ukraine, why don’t we simply loan them the money? Why can’t Ukraine put the $104 billion onto their national debt instead of the United States? Why not? Ten years from now, when this war is over, we will be still paying off the $104 billion we have sent them and not Ukraine. Why are our children and grandchildren obligated to have to pay off Ukraine’s debt? Maybe if Ukraine had to finance this war themselves, they would be more open to forging a peace with Russia.

Does this sound familiar? One group of people being charged to pay off another group of people’s debt. Isn’t that what we are doing with the student loan bail-out? A group of Americans who either chose not to go to college or were responsible enough to pay back their student loans, now have to pay back the student loans of a group of people who spent four years getting the education that the student loans paid for, but now don’t want to pay back the bill. That’s what goes on all the time in Washington. Open the borders, so cheap labor can walk into our country so that the millionaires and billionaires can become even richer off the cheap labor, and the average American has to pay that debt through decreased wages and increase taxes. That’s what’s going on in Ukraine. Ukraine wants $104 billion so they can execute this war with Russia, but they want somebody else how to pay back the debt.

The United States has become the world’s credit card, not even their debit card. At least with a debit card there are funds in the account to cover what they are taking out. With a credit card, they are just adding more debt on top of our existing debt. In his speech, Zelensky said the money we were giving him was not charity; it was an investment. An investment in what? Where are the assets? Where are the dividends?  There are none. This is simply money going out the window and right on our debit sheet.

Don’t they call Ukraine “the breadbasket of the world”. So, why can’t Ukraine parlay that distinction into financial leverage to procure loans to finance the war themselves? If the world is dependent on Ukraine for the food they eat, shouldn’t they be able to go to all the countries that they feed and ask them for the money and resources to finance this war? Why are we picking up the tab? And at the end of all this, since Europe significantly lags behind the US in support of Ukraine, will we get preferential access to the “breadbasket of the world”, or will we be relegated to the back of the line behind some country that didn’t lift a finger or spend a dime to support their war effort? When dealing with dishonest, corrupt people like Volodymyr Zelensky, once they’ve milked us dry for every red cent they could get from us, they will act as if they hardly know us. Unless we got reciprocity commitments in writing, everything we have done for Ukraine will be forgotten the moment it is in their best interest to cut deals with China or Saudi Arabia or some other corrupt country over us. And we will be left holding the bag like we usually are.

After Zelensky’s speech, President Joe Biden pledged that we would fund Ukraine “for as long as it takes.” Senator Lindsey Graham said that the United States should be “all in” on Ukraine, and added, “How does this war end? When Russia breaks, and they take Putin out. Anything short of that, the war’s going to continue. To ask the Ukrainians to give Russia part of the country after all this death and destruction is not going to happen.” He is adamant that Ukraine should never give Russia any part of their country but has been completely silent as 4 million foreign nationals have walked across our border and are seizing significant parts of our country.

So, we are giving $104 billion to a corrupt Eastern European oligarchy where our current President’s son was on the board of a corrupt energy company making $83,000 per month for doing nothing, and where our President bullied their President into shutting down an investigation into his son’s corrupt energy company by threatening to withhold $1 billion of aid, and our former President was impeached because he made an inquiring phone call to their President about the corruption of Joe Biden’s son’s energy company. Is there a possibility that our current President is completely compromised by Ukraine because of his and his son’s corrupt dealings in Ukraine, and now the United States is over a barrel and forced to write Ukraine a blank check because Biden and the Uni-Party in Washington do not want all of Biden’s corruption to be exposed? With the newly released Twitter files, we are seeing the lengths to which Washington and our intelligence agencies with go through to hide the corruption of Joe and Hunter Biden that was all over Hunter’s laptop.

The $54 billion that we are giving Ukraine is part of the $1.7 trillion omnibus bill that the Uni-Party just passed. By law, this bill was supposed to be passed September 30, but they continually gave themselves an extension so they could pass it now, after the mid-term elections because no one who voted for this disastrous bill wanted to be held accountable for their vote at the ballot box. If this omnibus bill was so great, if this bill was going to greatly benefit the American people and the voters, they would have passed the bill on September 30. But they know that this bill is bad for America, and they know that whoever voted for this bill would have gotten a shellacking in the November elections, so they hid it from the American people.

This is the way Washington operates. It’s one big, long shell game that they are playing with the American people. The most corrupt institution on the face of the earth is the United States government. Bar none. Enron, Bernie Madoff, Sam Bankman-Fried are nothing compared to the corruption and the fraud that is on display on a daily basis in our federal government. Not even close. The people who drafted this bill and who voted for this bill, should all be put in handcuffs and thrown in jail just like we’re doing with Sam Bankman-Fried. Every financial institution is obligated to honestly represent itself when handling millions and billions of dollars of other people’s money. But the United States government can lie, misrepresent itself, obfuscate, and can even defraud people when handling trillions of dollars of other people’s money. And nothing is done about it. Think about this. They just passed a 4,155-page, $1.7 trillion spending bill in the dead of night that no one who voted for, read. None of it makes any sense.

Not one of the Congressman or Senators who voted for this bill should ever be able to claim again that they care about the American people, because this vote proves that they don’t. As Tucker Carlson so I aptly put it, “it was a middle finger to the face of the average American.” But once the dust settles from this $1.7 trillion omnibus bill, all these people voted for it will go out there and tell the American people how much they care about them, how much they feel their pain, how much they are on their side, and the American people will nod along like bobble heads like they always do believing these crooks words over their actions. It is our own fault, we let these people get away with it.

But anyone who asks these questions are called, “pro-Putin”. I’m not pro-Putin. I am pro-America. There’s an important difference. Our only involvement with Ukraine should be from the standpoint of our self-interests. That’s it. We must do what is right for America, and the American people. And it is a lie to claim that giving a blank check to Ukraine is promoting Democracy and freedom. It is not. Ukraine is a corrupt oligarchy run by a dictator who shut down unfavorable media companies, closed churches, arrested priests, and imprisoned political enemies. It is not a Democracy. It is not a Constitutional Republic. So, anybody who claims it is, is lying to you. That is the main reason why I question what we are doing in Ukraine – the lies they continually tell us about Ukraine.

If they told us that we are giving $104 billion to Ukraine, because we don’t want Russia to get control over the “breadbasket of the world”, and that’s in our best interest, I would listen to that. But they are telling us the same lies that we’ve heard for decades. We have been told that we had to get involved in wars in the Middle East to protect the Democracy of countries that are run by dictators, but in reality, we were there because we were protecting our oil interests. But nobody would say that because it is wrong to trade blood for oil. So, they have to lie to us, and then we are wrong if we don’t believe their lies. It’s what they did with Covid. Fauci lied and lied and lied and lied, and then we are wrong when we didn’t trust a word he said. The climate change zealots lie and lie and lie and lie, and then we are wrong because we don’t believe a word of what they say. They continually play us like fools.

And everybody in the Washington establishment scratches their heads and wonders why Donald Trump is so popular. He was one of the few politicians in the last 50 years who gained any level of power who actually cared about the American people. As crude and uncouth and even un-Presidential as he behaved, he did the most Presidential thing that any President has done in my lifetime, he actually cared about the American people, the average 9-to-5, working Joe, American people. And that is why the Washington establishment reviled him. He cared about the people who they hate – the average American. He put in policies that benefited the people who the Washington establishment has been screwing over for decades, and they hated him for it. He was exposing their scam. It wasn’t his mean tweets; it wasn’t his outrageous statements. Other Presidents and Congressmen have put out mean tweets and made outrageous statements. They hated Trump because Trump loves you, because in the end, they hate you. The friend of my enemy is my enemy. Trump was a friend to the average American and establishment Washington hated him for it, despised him for it, and will not stop until they destroy him for it.

Judd Garrett is a graduate from Princeton University, and a former NFL player, coach, and executive. He has been a contributor to the website Real Clear Politics. He has recently published his first novel, No Wind.

Judd Garrett