Left Targets Religious Ex-Democrats

August 25, 2022|Culture|

In Search Of New Bogeyman, Leftists Target Ex-Democrat Conservative Catholics Democrats and media are doubling down on their insults to faithful Catholics no matter how illogical or hateful those attacks may be. By Auguste Meyrat – August 19, [...]

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A Pause to Reflect

August 19, 2022|Culture|

A variety of quotes that might inspire at the most and make us think at the least. Enjoy! “I do not care if it is politically correct, I want to be Biblically correct.” – Unknown “I would propose [...]

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96% of Temp Data Bad

August 16, 2022|Environment|

Climate Change – 96% Of US Temperature Data Corrupted? Humans have caused warming, but mostly just locally. By: Caroline Adana - August 04, 2022 A new scientific report documents that almost all US temperature measurement stations are in compromised [...]

Covid: “Biggest Crime Ever!”

August 11, 2022|Culture|

COVID Vax Is ‘Biggest Crime Ever Committed on Humanity’: EU Leader By American Faith – July 26, 2022 A top European leader has denounced the global COVID-19 “vaccine campaign” as the “biggest crime ever committed on humanity.” German [...]

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Institutional Breakdown

August 3, 2022|Culture|

The Institutional Breakdown Behind Gun Violence Pushing for gun control ignores the root causes of gun violence. By Richard Fulmer - June 28, 2022 Too many of our nation’s young men use guns for evil. One knee-jerk response is to [...]

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Defending Marriage

July 28, 2022|Culture|

The Truth Hasn’t Changed. The GOP Must Defend Marriage. Many Republicans today expressed concern about the “pandora’s box” it would open to revisit same-sex marriage—when what they should really be worrying about is allowing this attack on the [...]

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