Is SCOTUS Too Political?

October 11, 2022|Constitution|

Look Who’s Talking, Justice Kagan "When courts become extensions of the political process, when people see them as extensions of the political process, when people see them as trying to impose personal preferences on a society irrespective of [...]

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Constitution Under Attack

October 4, 2022|Constitution|

The Constitution Is Under Attack. It’s Up to Us to Defend It, Says Lawyer Who Defeated Liz Cheney Harriet Hageman, a Wyoming native, is a constitutional attorney, former Republican National Committee member, and the Republican nominee for the [...]

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The Two-Tier Justice System

August 22, 2022|Constitution|

The FBI And DOJ Criminalizing Opposition To The Regime Is How The Republic Ends A two-tier justice system is not a justice system. It is a totalitarian system. Its purpose is not justice but population control. By Joy [...]

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Case for Conceal Carry

August 8, 2022|Constitution|

New York Times Inadvertently Makes The Case For More Concealed Carry By David Harsanyi - July 24, 2022 Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes Prickly Pear Editors’ Note: Not much is known about the heroic young man who used his concealed weapon [...]

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Remove Biden? 25th Amendment

July 29, 2022|Constitution|

Can the 25th Amendment Be Used to Remove Biden? By Rob Natelson - September 8, 2021 Congress proposed the Constitution’s 25th Amendment in 1965, and state legislatures ratified it in 1967. Because of widespread doubts about President Joe Biden’s mental [...]

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Justice Gorsuch vs. Tyranny

July 18, 2022|Constitution|

Neil Gorsuch Takes a Stand Against the Tyranny of Unaccountable, Rogue Bureaucracy “The framers believed that a republic—a thing of the people—would be more likely to enact just laws than a regime administered by a ruling class of [...]

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