Justice Thomas’ Warning Shot

July 7, 2022|Constitution|

Thomas Fires Warning Shot at Media, Organizations That Lie About Conservatives    Hans von Spakovsky / June 28, 2022 President Joe Biden and his liberal compatriots in politics, the media, and social media constantly are crowing about “misinformation.” Although the type [...]

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Constitutional Threat

July 6, 2022|Constitution|

Media Reaction to Dobbs Decisions Shows That Liberals, Not Conservatives, Are Real Threat to Constitutional Order By David Lewis Schaefer - June 30, 2022 The weekend following the Supreme Court’s ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, reversing [...]

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Freedom of Speech

June 29, 2022|Constitution|

Christian Graphic Designer Defends Right Of All Americans To Be Protected From Compelled Speech The state of Colorado has banned people from talking about weddings unless they say only what the state of Colorado demands. BY: OLIVIA HAJICEK - [...]

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Congress Disregards Rights

June 23, 2022|Constitution|

Congress Finds Even More Reasons To Disregard The Bill of Rights There’s nothing so dangerous as a politician who undermines the Bill of Rights during a moment of tragedy or crisis. BY: J.B. SHURK - JUNE 17, 2022 6 [...]

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Fascism Saving Democracy?

June 7, 2022|Constitution|

Only Internet Fascism Can Save Democracy By Daniel Greenfield - May 12, 2022 Free speech on the internet endangers democracy, Barack Obama told Stanford University. The widely hailed speech at Big Tech’s favorite university claimed that autocrats are "subverting democracy" [...]

A Government Religion?

June 1, 2022|Constitution|

Is Nancy Pelosi Establishing a Religion? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had a chaplain open a congressional session with a prayer. Does this mean she violated the establishment clause? By Terence Jeffrey  - April 27, 2022 When the House of Representatives [...]

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