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You Have the Power!

December 1, 2022|Article V|

[This is a letter is addressed to State Legislators. Ed.] By Neal Schuerer and John Cogswell – November 22, 2022 Who has the most power in our country? We the People, because of the US Constitution. Who wields [...]

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Congress: Pass HCR 101

October 26, 2022|Article V|

The Phoenix convention of states, September 12, 2017 Article V News Vickie Deppe – October, 2022 Members of the Article V Coalition visited dozens of offices on Capitol Hill last month to drum up support for [...]

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Fiscal Responsibility: FRA

September 29, 2022|Article V|

Americans need a fiscal responsibility amendment to the Constitution By Dr. Barry Poulson and Hon. David M. Walker - September 17, 2022 Half a century ago, Milton Friedman argued that American citizens should be free to choose a [...]

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Power Check Amendment

September 28, 2022|Article V|

A Power Check Amendment for the US Constitution via Article V “The recent movement to call a convention to propose amendments…has sown consternation in Washington precisely because it is the one device that can effectively bypass the Washington [...]

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States in Convention

September 6, 2022|Article V|

With 400 years of utilizing conventions to solve problems in America, we know how they work. We should return to our habit of using them to keep America on the straight and narrow. By Mike Kapic – September [...]

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Knocking on Article V Doors

July 27, 2022|Article V|

House measure says Congress obligation to call convention for balance budget amendment Rep. Jodey Arrington, R-Texas is set to introduce bill calling for balanced budget amendment Tuesday By Fred Lucas – July 19, 2022 In 1979 – amid soaring inflation – [...]

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