The Parable of the Dying Nation

by Diana Telles – March 05, 2023

A once exceptional nation of free citizens was facing its demise following years of yielding to an overbearing Federal Government that disregarded its Constitution. The troubled citizens cried out for help.

A prominent voice from the past echoed, “For times such as these, Article V of the Constitution allows citizens to write amendments that can restore the Constitution and promote federalism.”

The troubled citizens shouted back, “No, it’s okay, we can just elect the right people next time.”

So the Federal Government grew, freedoms abated, and citizens became increasingly desperate. Patriotism waned. Troubled citizens cried out for help.

The prominent voice returned, “An Article V Convention of States allows the citizens to push back against the tyranny of a runaway Federal Government.”

To this the troubled citizens responded, “No thanks. We cannot risk a runaway Article V convention!”

Time passed. The national debt reached 31.6 trillion dollars, and the rights of the free citizen protected by the Constitution and Bill of Rights have been fiercely challenged like never before. Troubled citizens cried out for help.

The wise voice from the past reacted, “Article V of the Constitution expressly allows the citizens to propose amendments that can advance liberty, the likes of which will never originate in Congress.”

To this the desperately troubled citizens replied, “No thanks. We just need to follow the Constitution we have and nullify all the laws with which we disagree.”

So the Federal Government grew so large that the freedoms of this once exceptional nation were now whittled away. What was once a Beacon of Hope in the world has been snuffed out. In anguish, the troubled citizens called out, “We tried to elect the right people. We protected this country from a runaway convention. We tried to nullify offensive laws.”

To this the voice from the past responded sadly, “We poured out our great wisdom when we gave you the Constitution. We negotiated. We faced uncertainty of a new and unique system of government, for the people and by the people. We gave the citizens the opportunity to invoke Article V, understanding well that it is in the nature of government to grow and freedoms to wane. The people could have saved our precious country, but repeatedly denied the use of Article V out of fear. It is done. Rest in Peace, America.”

Convention of States Action