‘Keep Nine’ Effort Presses Forward with Proposed Amendment

By Stuart MacPhail – January, 2021
Roman Buhler of the Coalition to Preserve an Independent US Supreme Court reports that its Keep Nine Amendment is now supported by 17 US Senators and Senators-elect.  He indicates that the effort is led by a bipartisan coalition of former and current State Attorneys General and members of Congress.

The group’s proposed constitutional amendment (SJRes 76) simply says, “The Supreme Court shall be composed of nine Justices.”  It is intended to head off any “court packing” efforts by either party.  They report that they have polls showing voters would support the Keep Nine Amendment by a margin of 62% to 18%.

“We are building a national network of state elected officials, community leaders, retired judges, grassroots activists and emerging young leaders to persuade Congress to propose and the states to ratify this Amendment,” says Buhler.  The group has a web site HERE.  Buhler can be reached at 202-255-5000 or by email HERE.

Meanwhile the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has encouraged its state legislator members to propose a memorial in each state supporting SJRes 76.  See their model memorial HERE.

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