By David Wilder – December 29, 2023

…sounds a lot like a Red State voice on a lot of topics.  While there is plenty of noise about divisive subjects there is almost no talk about what most of us really want.

I live in deep blue Massachusetts and have a perfect example to share.  We had a ballot issue that was passed in 2018 concerning campaign finance fairness.  This created the Citizen’s Commission to research ways to bring some sanity to how candidates receive financing.

These candidates are to represent their constituents, so shouldn’t the money come from constituents?  Sure, there are business and other interests impacting each district, but in general everyone agrees there should be balanced representation.  Other interests, especially if they come from outside the district should be very limited.  The constituents do not want big money over-riding their concerns and needs.  Seems simple enough.

In reality, since we are dealing with power politics and influence peddling, this fairness is difficult to deliver.

The Commission released its final report in 2019 with some interesting conclusions.  While encouraged lobbying Congress to create an amendment, it acknowledged that partisan divisiveness makes this pathway near impossible.

It further concluded that Massachusetts should reach out to other states to call for an Article V convention for the purpose of proposing a campaign finance amendment.

Wait, …what?

Yes.  The people of Massachusetts, through their legislative process, fully endorses using Article V of the Constitution to call for a meeting of all the States to fix what Congress is unable to do.

There was absolutely no concern about what rules would be used, or lack of guidelines.  Massachusetts was a major player in setting down the precedent for representative meetings after all.  On the call for an Article V Convention, Massachusetts votes “Aye”.

What is your State standing for?

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