It’s time to Question “The Authorities!”

By Eagle Forum

Some of the lies that “The Authorities” told us:

  • The Science is clear.
  • No one is safe from Covid until everyone is safe.
  • Non-essential businesses must close.
  • In-person schools must close.
  • Churches must close.
  • The vaccine is 100% effective against Covid.
  • You have no individual rights on vaccines.
  • The Covid pandemic was caused by the unvaccinated.

Are “The Authorities” really so smart? Are we so dumb?

“The Authorities” blame us for:

  • Misinformation
  • Doing our own research
  • Choosing our own healthcare
  • Breathing without a mask

“The Authorities” demand that we:

  • switch to electric cars
  • stop using gas stoves
  • move into high-rise apartment buildings
  • pretend that boys can turn into girls
  • teach pornography to children

It’s Time to Question “The Authorities.” Ask: Where is the evidence that their edicts actually work? Do your own research! Those in charge do NOT have your best interests at heart, but use fear and public safety to take control. Free people think independently; slavery cannot tolerate free speech.

We should Question every pronouncement by “The Authorities”. Do “The Authorities” ever consider our individual rights?

Get a bumper sticker and start the conversation. We do not want to be ruled by the lies of The Authorities. It’s time to Question.

Eagle Forum