A convention of states was held in Phoenix in September of 2017 to plan for the upcoming Article V BBA amending convention. It operated exactly like the 1787 convention of states.

Academy of States-3.0

Overcoming Convention Apprehension

Path to Reform – July 2022

State Representatives Ken Ivory (R-UT) and Carmine Gentile (D-MA) engage in a cross-partisan dialogue with emphasis on the high bar of ratification. This session is meant to help members of the minority party feel more confident that the majority will not be able to unilaterally impose its preferred policies. Members of the majority party should come away with a greater appreciation for the fact that they’re going to need the support of the minority party if the work product of their convention has any chance of being ratified.

Overcoming Convention Apprehension may be viewed here.

This is the way folks on both sides of the political aisle can work together to solve America’s problem, We the People’s problem.-Ed.

Path to Reform