Open Letter to American’s #4

Have you had enough crazy?

By Dave Wilder – Aug 9, 2023

The voice of the people is supposed to be channeled through our local elected officials.  If we stay quiet however (yelling at the TV doesn’t count) we basically allow our representatives to follow their best interests.

An old friend once said, ‘an honest politician does what you pay him to do’.  Ouch, but too often the case.

The solution is easy, but maybe uncomfortable at first.  Just make sure your representatives (school board, county, state and federal) know what you think about the issues.

As a special bonus for opening up this email, I have attached a non-binding resolution to send to your legislators.  Share it with your friends!  Go ahead, use it, I don’t mind.

Wasn’t that easy?

Take a brief peak of how a convention of states operates: States in Convention 

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