State Declarations of Dissent 

Goal: Open a new front in the struggle against Big Government with a letter that citizens can send to their state legislators, asking, demanding that they speak up on our behalf!

This is a letter appropriate to send to any state legislator.  Any American who believes in limited government should support these “Declarations of Dissent”.

Dear State Legislator –

We the People need you.  We’re desperate, and we implore you to speak up for us. Frankly, you’re our last best hope!

Our Declaration of Independence explicitly proclaims that to secure our inalienable rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

All three branches of our federal government are now failing us so seriously, so often, that we call on you to stand tall for us to declare our dissent, formally, openly, emphatically, and repeatedly, in an ongoing series of formal published resolutions from our state legislature.

To cite just three examples, the federal government most assuredly does not have our consent to:

  1. pass multi-thousand-page, multi-trillion-dollar spending bills at the 11th hour with neither review nor debate,
  2. admit millions of unvetted immigrants into our country, contrary to established laws and procedures,
  3. delegate massive legislative and regulatory powers to over 500 unelected and virtually unaccountable federal agencies and departments

Your Declarations of Dissent may be resolutions directed toward individual federal laws, regulations, actions, or lack of actions. You may choose to invite constituents to guide you and help you write them. But whatever source you use, it is your voice that we badly need to hear.

Your declarations will be loud, highly visible, explicit pushback against an overreaching federal government, just as our colonial leaders in the 18th Century issued appeals to King George over what the Declaration of Independence later called “abuses and usurpations.”

Your collective voices are the most legitimate but most underused voice that we have. You and your colleagues have the genuine “bully pulpit” of a directly elected state legislature, and we ask that you begin using it forcefully.

This is not a Democrat, Republican, or Independent initiative. It is a We the People initiative, wholly consistent with the Constitution. It is not only within your power to speak for us – it is also your obligation. Please do not deflect, dissemble, or remain silent any longer!

A Citizen of the United States