Progressing the American Republic

By Rodney Dodsworth – April 21, 2016

The framing generation of 1787 agonized over how to form free government across an extensive territory that avoided the classic problem of republics: their degeneration into democracies in which various antagonistic, conflicting interest groups were constantly at each other’s throats. As regular visitors to this blog know, the American Republic’s first line of defense was the division of power between state republics and the umbrella government of their creation. Under this framework, as the nation expanded and formed new states, various peoples with differing approaches to freedom could implement their ideas and frame their republican state governments as they saw fit.

Even under this wise system of adequately divided power, self-government within a larger Union requires a certain level of commonality among the people, a harmony of ideas and traditions. Without similar outlooks, distinct interest groups will develop and battle for dominance. Absent a shared purpose, a national sense of itself, republics are soon doomed to discord, strife, violence, and dissolution. The developing 19th century societies of southern, northern, mid-western, and western states were all different, yet shared a common purpose under a unifying Declaration of Independence and US Constitution.

To this end, our early history is replete with examples of how the Framing generation sought to encourage education so as to develop and keep a common heritage. For instance, from the Northwest Ordinance passed by the confederation congress in 1787 before the Constitution was finished in September of that year: “Religion, morality, and knowledge, being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged.” Thomas Jefferson famously again and again emphasized the importance of educating the people and of fostering a way of life conducive to the development of a virtuous and unified citizenry.

This “melting pot” approach in which all Americans and immigrants are taught the elements of freedom is essential to national happiness.

Progressives over the past century demonstrated a keen understanding of the foundations of republics. Once understood, they identified the critical supports, that if pulled, would collapse the structure. In 1913 they sold the snake-oil of democracy in which the 17th Amendment destroyed the Framers’ liberty-enhancing vertical separation of powers. By the 1980s, Leftists began to push “diversity is our strength.” Rather than strive to embrace immigrants into the American family, Leftists have worked diligently ever since to encourage division and separateness.

In America 2016, Leftists exploit every possible ethnic, racial, gender, sexual, or religious difference imaginable, and all toward the purpose of societal destruction. Our founding principles in equality before and God and the Law have been supplanted with secularist dogma that works to dissolve the societal glue of common beliefs so necessary to republican unity.

The intent of Leftist devastation is on display along our southern border. Not only do millions of illiterate and unskilled foreigners strain social services, they are also intended to dilute what it means to be an American.

As if opening our southern border to the world isn’t bad enough, the Left’s latest efforts may soon finish off the great American experiment: flood the nation with muslims. Islam is historically and demonstrably hostile to western civilization. Its true believers are incapable of assimilation into the American family.

Once the tipping point is reached, in which enough people either don’t know or don’t believe the ideals of our republic are worth promoting and defending, that’s it, game over. A once constitutional republic composed of similarly minded people becomes a mob of connivers intent on “getting theirs” at the expense of others.

It means a government once subject to the Laws of Nature and our consent must be replaced with one of coercion with a strongman at the top who is alone capable of preserving order.

Progressives understand how to destroy republican freedom far better than conservatives understand the steps necessary for its salvation.

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