Katie Hobbs Abandons God by Killing Legislation Allowing Public Schools to Include Ten Commandments in Classrooms

By Kim Quintero – April 16, 2024

PHOENIX, ARIZONA— As society increasingly strays away from God and the moral principles our nation was founded upon, Katie Hobbs is contributing to the cultural degradation within Arizona by vetoing legislation today that would have allowed public schools to include the Ten Commandments in classrooms.

SB 1151, sponsored by Senator Anthony Kern, would have included copies or excerpts of the Ten Commandments within the list of materials a school administrator or teacher may read or post inside any school building. The bill would not have required these biblical principles to be taught, rather, schools would be empowered to decide whether including this historical document in the classroom would contribute to a well-rounded, age-appropriate, and culturally diverse atmosphere inspiring discussion and engagement.

“I’m appalled the state’s top elected official is abandoning God and the very foundation our country was built upon by not allowing teachers to expose their students to the morals and ethics outlined in the Ten Commandments,” said Senator Kern. “When you look at some of the garbage being forced on our children in the classroom, it’s no wonder rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide among youth are at their highest levels ever recorded. When children are exposed to good, noble, honest, and righteous ideas, they are more prone to being better human beings with sound character, able to navigate life’s problems with grace, and have a greater chance of treating each other with respect and dignity throughout life. Sadly, Katie Hobbs’ veto is a prime example of Democrats’ efforts to push state-sponsored atheism while robbing Arizona’s children of the opportunity to flourish with a healthy moral compass.”

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Kim Quintero

Director of Communications | Arizona State Senate Republican Caucus