Chicago’s Teachers Union Demands $50 Billion More in Funding For Abortions, Illegal Migrant Services

By American Faith – May 7, 2024

The Chicago Teachers Union is requesting another $50 billion in its contract negotiations for services including free abortions, migrant services, and LGBT training.

The union’s contract demands also included a minimum 9% pay increase every year through fiscal year 2028 and extra days off.

Other requests included free abortions for public school employees, free transit for all public school students and employees, and $2,000 for each migrant to help with things like academics and mental health counseling.

The teachers union also reportedly wants school employees to receive mandatory LGBT training and require every school to have at least one gender-neutral bathroom.

“We are asking you to give us an opportunity to tell our story,” the union’s president, Stacy Davis Gates said. “It will cost $50 billion and three cents. And so what, that’s audacity. That’s Chicago.”

The budget for Chicago Public Schools was around $9.4 billion this year, up almost 30% from $7.4 billion just five years ago.

In September 2023, Davis Gates defended her decision to send her son to a private school after facing criticism.

“It was a very difficult decision for us because there is not a lot to offer black youth who are entering high school” in Chicago, Davis Gates said.

The president has been vocal about her opposition to school choice and private schools in the past, claiming school choice was “racist.”

“In many of our schools on the South Side and the West Side, the course offerings are very marginal and limited,” she said. “Then the other thing, and it was a very strong priority, was his ability to participate in co-curricular and extracurricular activities, which quite frankly, don’t exist in many of the schools, high schools in particular.”

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