Feds Are Making Laws Without Our Authorization

by Mike Kapic 11/3/16

Article I, Section I of the US Constitution, states, “All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.” It does not say that a federal bureaucracy may make and administer any law it wishes. The Constitution does not allow any department of the US  government the right to ‘rule’ or legislate anything that has the effect of Congressional law.

But from this Libertarian Advocate report comes news of a release that the DOJ is, in fact, writing law on its own.

DOJ’s Rule Risks Our Privacy, And It’s About to Become Law

The Department of Justice’s proposed Rule 41, which would allow U.S. judges to provide law enforcement with search warrants for devices outside of the DOJ’s and its agencies’ jurisdiction, could soon become law, unless Congress does something.

While Rule 41 could make Americans less safe, putting their privacy at risk, that is not the only issue with the proposed change to the law. According to Tech Dirt, Rule 41 could also turn millions of computer users across the world into criminals, simply because they use privacy tools to communicate with one another.

“From journalists communicating with sources to victims of domestic violence seeking information on legal services, people worldwide depend on privacy tools for both safety and security,” wrote the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

Read more about how the DOJ’s rule risks our privacy here…

Regardless if we agree with the content of this law or not, the fact that a non-congressional body is writing US law is unconstitutional. Only Congress can write law.  We should be outraged!

As the governed, with all the rights here, and giving Congress the power to govern us, we should be strongly objecting to the DOJ’s arrogant and illegal usurpation of Congress. Historically, we the people have recourse with our Representatives in Congress.  However, we have none with government employees who decide on their own how they’ll function and write ‘rules’ or laws that give them extreme powers over American citizens including rights over their property and Constitutional rights. The federal government can get away with this since they’re protected by public unions. We have no recourse over government agencies, only our elected Congress.

Our country was founded as a republic, which means we have a republican constitution and we the people have rights while the government has none. Yet here are the DOJ bureaucrats deciding laws that will affect our lives and we have no recourse. Our Congressional legislators raise their hands in dismay, “I can’t control what they do.”

It is time for We the People to take their country and the government running it away from the elites in Washington DC and give it back to the states. The Constitution allows the states to amend the Constitution in Article V. That says we could take the power and money away from the federal government who are trying to rule over our lives, if we called an amending convention as allowed in Article V. This convention could institute limits of authority on federal bureaucrats, put term limits on Congress and federal judicial employees, and limit taxing and spending.

This is the peoples country, and by extension the government is controlled by us. We’re the boss. Stand Up, Speak Up, and Show Up.  But, for heavens sake, STOP COWERING!

Go to Convention of States Project and sign the petition to your local legislator telling them that you want them to support an Article V amending convention.