by Mike Kapic  11/4/16

I have to make a decision about whom I’m going to vote for next Tuesday and considering the candidates, I’m facing a touch decision. I assume you are too. I have decided on two criteria I’ll use in weighing each candidate: the first is how each holds the principals our Founding fathers gave us when they created America. And the second is their personal character. First the Founders principals.

The Founders were deathly afraid of creating a democracy and couldn’t copy a republic that worked well enough so they modified old Greek and Roman models with the goal toward individual rights, not a majority or a minority rule. In doing so they created not a democratic, but rather a republican Constitution where the rights of individuals come before any government.

Listening to Hillary Clinton’s policy ideology, it seems to parallel the founders of the progressive movement which began in the late 19th century and took hold in the early 20th. And Mrs. Clinton will be the first one to defend that position. She’s proud of her progressive heritage.

But that progressive heritage does not align with the American Founders as outlined in the Federalist Papers of the period. The left ideology is anti-Declaration, anti-Constitution, and anti-Bill of Rights. Why? Because the left side of the Democratic Party express their desire to do the opposite of our republican Constitution. Mrs. Clinton believes that, collectively, a minority of Americans should rule the majority and that the minions should accept whatever they decide is best for society, because they’ve been in government long enough to know what’s best for America much better than stupid taxpayers (the authors of Obamacare actually said that).

The Democratic left’s policies include:

  • redistribution of the wealth in a socialist fashion will strength America (That policy worked in Greece and Venezuela where the governing become the new rich)
  • maintain a complicated tax system (benefits the wealthy and well connected)
  • limit the freedoms protected under the Bill of Rights (speech and guns are threatened)
  • discriminate against different peoples (take more from the rich and shackle blacks and Native Americans to inner cities and reservations)
  • enforce only those laws they agree with (allow cities to become sanctuaries for illegals)
  • support crony-capitalism to the benefit of government elites and giant business and unions, (Ex-Im Bank, Dodd-Frank, General Motors, and Wall Street)
  • promote the Keynesian theory of economics rather than the proven Austrian capitalism school (Keynes: government is the source of economic and equal wealth)
  • allow the federal agencies free reign over citizens (write rules giving property rights to the government)
  • supporting racism (affirmative action, inner city poverty, war on poverty)
  • immigration (open and borders and abundant drugs)
  • government harassment (IRS approval tax delays, fining small business for maintaining religious rights)
  • education failures (Common Core, unions organized to aid teachers by using children as pawns)

The leftist Democratic Party promoting these issues does not have a stellar history to defend itself. It was formed by President Andrew Jackson in the mid-1830’s and included selling lands inhabited by Indians across the country, objecting to black freemen and voting rights by opposing the 13, 14, & 15th Amendments to the Constitution, opposing the Civil Rights Acts of 1865 & 1965, organizing the KKK and Jim Crow Laws, and implementing segregation. A fine Democratic Party heritage.

These policies have held all Americans, especially minorities, in submission to a philosophy of human failure. In essence, the Left has crossed out the words “…all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Freedom means attending a school of your choice, or competing with new ideas without government restricting entrance to the market (Uber, Airbnb)

Trump’s policies reflect a more common sense, pragmatic approach as he looks more to the Austrian school for how the economy worked for the last two centuries. Over the last century the progressives have destroyed much of it. By enforcing the law on the border and immigration first, we can review other policies on illegals later as the problem may become self-solving. I agree with his statement that job crushing regulations (being rushed out by the tens of thousands by Obama) are smothering our GDP growth. Almost 1/3 of our country is out of work. He professes for a strong military but one with a shared cost around the world. He wants to end left wing Democratic policies holding minorities down in the inner cities, stop sanctuary cities, end the race baiting industry by supporting the Thin Blue Line. He wants confidence restored in our government and consistency in its policies so that investors, consumers, the millions of unemployed will have confidence in the future and freely step back into it. He wants the debt under control and to begin paying it down.

Donald Trump, being a pragmatic business man, understood our cries and identified the problem, set a workable solution similar to the way he’d fix any business problem. He recognizes that the weak leftist polices of welfare for both the people and business and unions is unstainable and need to change. He knows what the economy needs both domestically and in foreign trade, with more free trade. He knows that corporations must be motivated to return home and is willing to extend a moratorium on returning profits and cash to America without penalty.

Because Mrs. Clinton’s policies lean toward socialism, which would eventually lead to communism, and Mr. Trumps is pro-capitalist, Trump wins this category.

Mr. Trump did have an episode with locker room talk that was just that: talk. No evidence of anything else. He does tend to be weak on specifics on policy but has outlined a lot more than Clinton. Mrs. Clinton has been caught in so many lies and found herself and her employees denying or pleading the Fifth, or being offered immunity that I think the Clinton scandals are much worse than the Nixon Watergate fiasco. He’s been caught talking, she’s been caught doing. My choice for a higher level of character goes to Mr. Trump.

My choice and recommendation for President is Mr. Trump.