FBI Plan to Target Christians Exposes the Left’s Fear of Faith

By Tammy Bruce – April 14, 2023

Anti-Christian bigotry is, horribly, nothing new. At the very start of the faith, Christians were attacked, denigrated, criminalized, and murdered. Over 2000 years later, we still see the ignorant and the envious targeting of Christians everywhere. But there is a new and dangerous development in our 21st century modern world – our own government is joining the mob. From labeling people of faith as extremists, ignoring or downplaying anti-Christian hate crimes, devising a plan to spy on “traditional” Catholic churches, to making jokes when asked about mass shooting targeting Christians. The Biden administration would make Stalin proud with its all-systems signaling that Christians are a problem.

The most recent blatant move against people of faith by this administration was brought to us by a whistleblower who revealed a disturbing Federal Bureau of Investigation plan to implement a national domestic surveillance effort against “traditional” Catholic Churches. The Washington Times reported, “The House Judiciary Committee revealed new details…about the FBI field office in Richmond’s plan to spy on Catholic churches and church leaders, including that the plan was distributed to other FBI offices across the country.

Moreover, the whistleblower noted the FBI has decided those who attend Latin Mass are the core of a problem producing what the agents labeled “Radical-Traditionalist Catholics,” or RTCs. And how do they “mitigate” this threat? They would recruit spies within the targeted churches and from “mainstream” Catholic parishes.

This tells us many things otherwise hidden – the FBI has already separated what they consider more “conservative” Catholics (i.e. those who attend Latin Mass) from their designation of normal or “mainstream” Catholics. These “mainstream” parishes are more likely to be liberal in nature and demonstrate and act on liberal social politics, fly the BLM and/or the gay rainbow flags, among other woke policies. Rep. Jim Jordan, put it this way, “In this document, the FBI purported to distinguish what it called ‘traditional Catholics’ from the disfavored RTC [radical-traditionalist Catholic] adherents, who the FBI characterized as embracing ‘anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant, anti-LGBTQ, and white supremacist ideology…He added that the FBI ‘even identified certain public policy issues – such as immigration and life issues – that it believed would ‘catalyze’ RTC adherents,” reported Fox News.

Ah, the new avenue with which to declare Christians terrorists. Make no mistake, they’ll start with Catholics, then move to every other denomination and faith that has not fully pledged allegiance to the new woke religion.

Once again, those perceived as current or future political opponents are being isolated, labeled, smeared, and then criminalized. This is exactly the process Merrick Garland, the DOJ, and FBI used to target and declare parents who were attending school board meetings as “domestic terrorists.” This is exactly what Biden is trying to do writ-large to 70 million Americans who voted for Trump – we are “semi-fascists” who are a threat to democracy.

Ultimately, the FBI church document was withdrawn due to the outrage but the damage was done when it was sent by the Richmond, Virginia field office to every FBI field office in the country. FBI Director Christopher Wray told the Senate Intelligence Committee on March 8 that he was “aghast” by the memo and said his agency does not ‘conduct investigations based on religious affiliation or practices, full stop.’”

Wray’s language here is important because it reveals their strategy: Catholics are being targeted not for their faith (Gasp, of course not! The FBI would never do that!) but for their “extremist” views. The acting assistant director of Congressional Affairs said the same thing in a statement in late March, “The FBI is not anti-Catholic in any way, shape, or form, and does not target people of any faith because of their religious beliefs.” Unless, of course, they’re not Catholics but “RTCs, wink wink. This is a word game that the FBI knows is pure gaslighting to hide an actual atrocious overreach of power.

This news in itself is enough to overwhelm. It represents not just an abandonment of the Constitution but a complete rejection of the principles contained in our founding document. This action by federal law enforcement is quintessentially un-American and the antithesis of what this nation stands for. And yet somehow we have enough people in the FBI who not only got the idea, which is bad enough, but then fleshed it out, wrote it down, got it approved, and then distributed it through the country.

It is time to admit the obvious, that the targeting and marginalizing of Christians in particular is a deliberate, complex, culture-wide effort to depress, enrage, and divide Americans. Repulsively, it bears the stamp of approval of the Biden administration and the Democratic Party apparatchiks who continue to prop up the fools who continue to destroy our country, economically and culturally.

This targeting of Christians is a necessary and urgent action for the left, and it always has been. For Marxists, they and their woke church of Big Government cannot survive if people look to God, to faith, to inform their values. There can be only one God, and the miserable left demand that it be them.

Faith is especially threatening to the fascist and Marxist left as it immediately undermines efforts to crush the human spirit. Looking to something beyond government for solace, hope, and optimism in the future reminds the individual that they matter, and that government is not God.

For the envious malignant narcissists of the left, faith must be stamped out. As those who survived the old Soviet Union understand, as well as every other nation still suffering under communism and socialism, this is a threat to humanity we must defeat, and it starts here at home defending our children, our families, our faith, our culture, and our futures.