Bi-Partisan Leaders Call for Congressional Term Limits

By Stuart MacPhail – November 2020

The October 6 edition of The Philadelphia Inquirer carried a special column jointly written by the state’s Democrat former Governor Ed Rendell and current Republican US Senator Pat Toomey.  It was headlined “Term limits can end the entrenched partisan politics that put our country in crisis.”

The unlikely duo said, “Moving forward, we both believe that members of Congress should be subject to term limits.  And Pennsylvania can help make that happen.”

They said, “Now, in the midst of another crisis, members of Congress frequently focus more on blaming each other than on finding solutions.  Entrenched politicians have been steering the ship of state for decades and — don’t look now — we’re about to hit a $25 trillion national debt iceberg.  It’s time for a new approach.

“Our elected representatives seem afraid to do anything that would jeopardize their reelection.  Term limits allow them to operate without that pressure, secure in the knowledge that they are not risking the position that could be a lifetime career.  They would be able to cast votes knowing that the risk they are taking would not jeopardize their entire future.”

The article said that 76% of Pennsylvanians support term limits on Congress, including supermajorities of Republicans, Democrats, and independents.  Read the joint opinion piece HERE.

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