A Constitutional Briefing

August 18, 2022|Videos|

    Economist Walter Williams illustrates our Foundational principles in this short, ten minute video.

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96% of Temp Data Bad

August 16, 2022|Environment|

Climate Change – 96% Of US Temperature Data Corrupted? Humans have caused warming, but mostly just locally. By: Caroline Adana - August 04, 2022 A new scientific report documents that almost all US temperature measurement stations are in compromised [...]

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August 10, 2022|Videos|

What is substantially different between the Nazi Party or the Communist Party and the Democratic Party? The Democrats are contemporary communists — period. And yes, they are killers. Whether it's from abortions or inoculations, they are killers. Watch this [...]

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Democracy or Republic?

August 9, 2022|Videos|

  After reading the history of early civilization, America's Founders decided on which to model the Constitution after. This one minute video tells the story.  

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1920’s Economic Policy

August 5, 2022|Videos|

Three Presidents Economic Policies August 5, 2022 These policies saved America from a catastrophic economic collapse in the early 20th century. Watch in these short PragerU videos of 5 minutes each.     Warren Harding - Mar 4, [...]

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Why a Republic?

July 29, 2022|Videos|

  America's Constitution was designed not as a democracy (which the Framers feared because of their history of violent and quick suicide) but, rather as a compound republic.  Watch this 5 minute PragerU video on one of the [...]

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