AZ Election Unlawful

November 23, 2022|Videos|

Arizona election law broken with no consequences. By Mike Kapic - November 19, 2022 View the Maricopa County video here.

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Conservation vs. Environment

November 21, 2022|Energy|

Conservationism vs. Environmentalism: What Is the Difference? BY BRIAN DAVID CRANE At first glance, the objective of both conservationism and environmentalism appears to be similar: To conserve our planet. Yet how each of these philosophies approach such conservation of [...]

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EV Autos: The Truth

November 10, 2022|Energy|

by Mike Kapic - November 4, 2022 Crony capitalism is driving a phony environmental problem & fake solution for profit and power and the consumer is following it down another rabbit hole. View this one minute trailer and [...]

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Totalitarianism in America?

October 27, 2022|Videos|

Can it happen in America? Mike Kapic - October 27, 2022 The storm is forming. We're not experiencing a total take over by our government alone but by social media, academia, big corporations, and the government. It's called [...]

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Solution for Economy

October 25, 2022|Debt|

U.S. needs fiscal responsibility amendment by Barry W. Poulson - October 2, 2022 In August, the inflation rate came in at 8.3% — well above expectations in financial markets, triggering a sharp selloff in securities. Investors hoped that lower [...]

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Successful Academy of States

October 20, 2022|Videos|

Academy of States 3.0 by Mike Kapic - 10/20/2022 U.S. Rep. Ken Ivory tells America that it is time for a Washington DC tune-up. That our States must use their Constitutional powers to come together to perform needed [...]

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