EV Autos: The Truth

November 10, 2022|Energy|

by Mike Kapic - November 4, 2022 Crony capitalism is driving a phony environmental problem & fake solution for profit and power and the consumer is following it down another rabbit hole. View this one minute trailer and [...]

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Totalitarianism in America?

October 27, 2022|Videos|

Can it happen in America? Mike Kapic - October 27, 2022 The storm is forming. We're not experiencing a total take over by our government alone but by social media, academia, big corporations, and the government. It's called [...]

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Solution for Economy

October 25, 2022|Debt|

U.S. needs fiscal responsibility amendment by Barry W. Poulson - October 2, 2022 In August, the inflation rate came in at 8.3% — well above expectations in financial markets, triggering a sharp selloff in securities. Investors hoped that lower [...]

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Successful Academy of States

October 20, 2022|Videos|

Academy of States 3.0 by Mike Kapic - 10/20/2022 U.S. Rep. Ken Ivory tells America that it is time for a Washington DC tune-up. That our States must use their Constitutional powers to come together to perform needed [...]

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Saving the Planet

October 13, 2022|Videos|

Michael Shellenberger, one of the founders of the environmental party, explains why wind and solar will not save the earth. Watch this informative 17 minute video and wonder how destructive the Environmental Party has come to be [...]

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Europe’s Energy Crisis

October 5, 2022|Environment|

Europe’s Energy Crisis Approaches Breaking Point By Daniel Berman - September 16, 2022 While gas prices have declined in the United States in recent weeks (although they still remain more than 35% higher than when Biden took office) [...]

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