We the People need you…to tell your state legislators…Only you can save America!”

By Mike Kapic – June 26, 2023

To understand what, you must first understand one of America’s most serious problems: debt!

How much is your country’s debt? Answer: $32,000,000,000,000 ($32 Trillion) or over 38 times America’s debt in 1979. Forty-four years ago it was a mere $830,000,000,000 or $830 Billion.

Caution: None of this includes the over $100 Trillion of Entitlement debt. That’s another problem.

How much debt is each newborn baby today responsible for? Answer: $600,000 or $0.6 Million.

How much is our interest liability annually on the $32 Trillion debt? $500,000,000,000 or $500 Billion

Why is the U.S. Congress continuing to commit future generations to more debt? Answer: It serves politicians now because they won’t be around to feel the repercussions. We’ve given them access to power and money without any constitutional constraints on their spending. They can spend whatever they want, whether you agree to it or not.

Can you stop DC’s spending like a drunken sailor? Answer: Yes, you can!

To know how, understand the U.S. Constitution defines a 400-year-old process for the states to use in case of emergency! Read the history behind the second clause of Article V.

Your neighbors are state legislators who can propose an amendment to the Constitution to tie DC’s spending to the annual GDP and Constitutionally restrict their ability to increase your & your grandkids obligation.

In addition, you personally can participate in approving any new Amendment by voting yea or nay in your states ratification convention, securing your name in history. Just like your fellow citizens did in convention in three-quarters of the several States in 1788 and again in 1933.

We’re getting the band back together!

If you’re interested in how you can require the federal government to be fiscally responsible and extend the life and the promise of America to your family and progeny, click on these resources for more info: LetUsVote4FRA, PathToReform,  Facebook page Article V Taskforce,  HuntForLiberty.

Join the growing number of Re-Founders in America who’ve vowed to introduce fiscal responsibility to DC..

Watch for more information or email us at: info.AVTaskforce@gmail.com