Epoch Times Editorial: Americans Need to Speak Up

By Stuart MacPhail – January, 2021

A December 5 editorial published on behalf of its Editorial Board, The Epoch Times was headlined With Our Election System Under Assault, Americans Need to Speak Up.

The writer says, “[W]hat is happening to our country at the moment: widespread and well-planned election fraud.”  After enumerating many 2020 election abuses and “evidence of large-scale election fraud,” the editorial goes on to say “Many of us here at The Epoch Times have lived under communist regimes, both in China and other parts of the world, and know firsthand its tyranny.  Our freedoms in America have allowed us to flourish and also to warn our fellow citizens that these very freedoms are now at risk.  If we don’t take a stance and speak out at this critical moment, we will see the CCP and allied communist forces complete their decades-long quest to subdue American freedom.”

The editorial is a worthwhile read, but more importantly, its challenge for Americans to speak up is critical: “This is about our right to vote.  This is about whether we can still have a free country.”  Read the excellent editorial HERE.

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