Writer Says ‘It’s About Time to Use Article V’ – 
In a recent commentary carried in The SandPaper, a newsmagazine for east-central New Jersey, the author says “We all, presumably, love and respect the Constitution of the United States.  So why do we ignore Article V?”  The article by John M. Imperiale is entitled Constitutional Correction Course – It’s About Time to Use Article V.

Imperiale says, “The men who drafted the Constitution were aware of its imperfections.  They trusted that it would be amended over time and thoroughly examined by future generations.  Thomas Jefferson believed each generation ought to write its own Constitution.  Benjamin Franklin, before casting his vote for the Constitution, said, “I agree to this Constitution with all of its faults.…

“Knowing that they did not get it perfect the first time, the Founding Fathers made sure there were ample provisions for amending the Constitution over time, as they fully expected would happen.  They gave us Article V.  But it has not been utilized, not nearly as often as they would have expected.

“Jefferson was right: Times change. We should not change the essence of our Constitution. But we should look at it in light of today’s world and with future generations in mind. It is time for an Article V convention.”  Read the full article HERE.

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