Foundation calls for 5 Constitutional Amendments –

By Stuart MacPhail April 2020

On March 5 the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE, a libertarian think tank) issued a paper by Rory Margraf entitled 5 Constitutional Amendments Americans Should Consider ASAP.

The writer calls for amendments (1) repealing the 16th Amendment (authorizing the federal income tax); (2) repealing the 17th Amendment (changing the way US Senators are chosen); (3) removing the word “unreasonable” from the 4th Amendment (relating to search and seizures); (4) seeking to clarify the separation of Legislative and Executive powers; and, (5) establishing criteria to be met for the Congressional War Powers Act (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 11) to be implemented.  Read his proposals HERE.

The writer makes no attempt to suggest how such constitutional amendments could come about.  He acknowledges that “[a]mending the Constitution is no small task and we should not expect it to be,” and says of his proposals, “To put it another way, it is an attempt at the impossible.”

Mr. Margraf concludes by saying, “The difficulties of altering the Constitution, however, should not dissuade us from having the conversations necessary to do so.”  Margraf’s paper is highlighted here only to demonstrate that there are many ideas out there for constitutional amendments, but few patriots who are willing to put the practical effort (hard work) into solving America’s problems by really employing the tools provided in Article V of the Constitution. Hats off to those patriots willing to share in this task!

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