TABOR Turns 30: Thirty Years of Colorado’s

Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights

by Dr. Barry Poulson, Jonathan Williams & Lee Schalk


This month marks the 30th anniversary of Colorado’s Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR), which was approved by voters in November of 1992 as a constitutional tax and expenditure limit (TEL).

TABOR is considered the gold standard of state fiscal rules because it limits the growth of most of Colorado’s spending and revenue to inflation plus population. If the state government collects more tax dollars than TABOR allows, the money is returned to taxpayers as a TABOR refund. The receipt of tax rebates, totaling $8.2 billion since TABOR passed in 1992, has strengthened Colorado citizens’ confidence in the TABOR Amendment over the years. To learn more about TABOR and effective TELs, read our latest report and visit

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