High Crimes & Stolen Sovereignty

By Rodney Dodsworth – March 29, 2016

In England, an assault on the person of the sovereign King was a high crime: treason.

In our republic, as in monarchies, high crimes also consist of assaults on the sovereign.

It is the sovereign civil society, the American community of We The People, whose will is made manifest in the Constitution. An attack on the Constitution is the equivalent of an assault on the person of a sovereign King.

In a recent American Thinker column, Ben Shapiro wrote “The president has decided when to enforce immigration laws, advantageously delayed ObamaCare, and micromanaged the economy, as well as attack the Supreme Court, Congress, and the sovereign states.  He does this while proclaiming he is the voice of the people, yet he encroaches upon their rights.”

Obama’s opening of our borders is the ultimate high crime betrayal, an assault on the sovereign American people. By this, he facilitates the destruction of the nation created by the will of the people via their Constitution. The individual charged with preserving, protecting and defending American sovereignty has worked toward its annihilation. Make no mistake, in his assumption of sovereign powers, the president has made treasonous war on the Constitution, the American sovereign.

Elections alone cannot restore our sovereignty.

If We The People are to survive as a society, we must reassert our sovereignty through reclamation of stolen powers.

An Article V state amendments convention to reclaim stolen sovereignty is our last remaining hope.

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