Forgotten Wisdom

By Dave Wilder – Aug 14, 2023

Did you look into Article V?  You may have noticed not everyone is keen about having this happen.  They suggest all sorts of problems to build up fear, all based on a totally lack of historical insight.  Too bold a statement?  I accept the challenge!

At the time Article V was written, having states hold conventions to solve all sorts of problems was common place.  That was THE way things were done.  (I highly recommend Mike Kapic’s ‘The Conventions that Made America’).  How a convention was done was part of the American fabric. (meet for a specific topic, set up procedures, vote with each state getting one vote…).

One fear is that it will be a free-for-all, with the possibility of the whole constitution being trashed.  So, imagine if you will, that each state appoints a group of the most extreme 13-year-olds in the state to represent them.  Each state commissions their delegates to do anything they want.  So, they get together and propose things like, Candy is free on Friday’s, guns are illegal, anybody 13 or older in the country (regardless of citizenship) can vote.

The convention is now over, and guess what?  The constitution has not changed one bit.

Assuming each state does not restrict the topics it’s delegates can speak to (very unlikely), AND these crazed 13-year-olds can actually build consensus on these issues… there is a safeguard ignored by the anti-convention crowd.   That is, 38 states have to ratify these proposed amendments.  Guess what happens when the adults get a say?

I always wonder why people are anti-convention.  Why would you prefer the status-quo versus meeting with others to make something better?  What do they get out of shutting down conversation?

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