The Obama Administration (and many prior administrations) have been illegally spending taxpayer money not approved by Congress. Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution qualifies Congress as the authority to decide where and how money is spent, not the Executive branch. In addition, and to complicate matters even more, the Administration is giving taxpayer money to unconstitutional federal agencies. Yes, the EPA, FDA, Education, Labor, Energy Departments etc. have never been approved through Article V of the Constitution. Yet they spend and tax without Congress’ or the taxpayer’s approval. Tax and spend without representation. Here’s how the Convention of States Projects explains a portion of the problem.

The House of Representatives may technically have the “power of the purse,” but the President holds the strings. The Washington Free Beacon reported yesterday that just nine executive orders from President Obama cost the American taxpayers $31 billion. An order creating a new repayment plan for student loans will cost $15.4 billion. Delaying the employer health mandate under Obamacare cost taxpayers $12 billion, and changing cost sharing provisions for Obamacare insurers cost $3 billion. New overtime rules will cost hundreds of millions, and additional background checks for firearms transfers will cost $5.5 million.

The Founders gave the power of the purse to the House as a means of separating and balancing power within our federal government. But Supreme Court decisions have unilaterally destroyed the Founders’ original intent, allowing the President to circumvent Congress as both a lawmaker and money-spender.

A Convention of States can restore the Constitution’s checks on the executive branch. Article V of the Constitution allows the states to call a convention for the purpose of proposing constitutional amendments. Eight states have already passed resolutions calling for a Convention of States to impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, mandate term limits for federal officials, and, most importantly, limit D.C.’s power and jurisdiction. An amendment banning or reducing the use of executive orders falls under this third category, and it would go a long way towards ending the President’s unilateral spending of taxpayer funds. Visit www.conventionofstates.comfor more information.

You can help take our country back from the elite’s in DC by going to and signing the petition to your local legislators, asking them to sign your states call for an amending convention.