Human Sacrifice Is Big Business Today   

by Harry Mathews on April 20, 2021

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There is so much information coming out these days about the depravity of our culture that it is like drinking out of a fire hose. Only, it’s not a fire hose, it’s a flame thrower. Political Correctness demands that we not identify the ones directing our destruction. But, it has become so obvious that it is time to drop the pretense. Communists have been trying to undermine our Republic for more than100 years. And, while they claim they embrace “diversity” and “equality”, what they really want is the elimination of freedom; all freedoms.

These monsters want to defile our country in every way possible; and they do. They have even convinced many of us that it is a virtue to sacrifice one’s own children on the alter of Malthusianism; for greater “freedom”. But, when a culture has become so evil that it’s women will murder their own children and call it virtue, there is little hope for that culture.

The problem has become so huge that it is now big business; and business is booming.

Arizona Politicians Rake In Big Bucks From Abortion Lobby

Why are teachers so bent on talking about sex with their students?

Arizona List (the lobbying group which only supports female pro-abortion candidates) has been donating to Save Our Schools Arizona. What does abortion have to do with funding schools? Anyone following how messy this has gotten?

AZ Senator Sean Bowie Gets Kickbacks From Abortion Lobby

No longer hiding from a virus and reading from a prepared script, Bowie was almost animated, although we can’t be sure due to his mask. His questions were obviously written by the abortion industry, with no empathy towards the child and concern only for those profiting off the procedure. It’s obvious why.

Planned Parenthood getting more government funding, despite defunding efforts

Recent annual reports show that federal funding to Planned Parenthood has increased, despite efforts by the Trump administration to eliminate federal funding for the abortion provider over the last four years. One healthcare funding expert told CNA that without congressional action, new avenues of federal funding for abortion providers could soon be made available

Planned Parenthood Still Receiving Millions in Small Business Pandemic Relief

Nearly a year after Planned Parenthood came under fire for snatching up federal coronavirus relief meant for small businesses, the nation’s largest abortion provider continues to receive millions of dollars in emergency pandemic aid

Planned Parenthood Is Re-writing History in Regards to It’s Founder Margaret Sanger

Planned Parenthood’s president and chief executive officer now says the abortion provider is “reckoning” with the legacy of its founder, Margaret Sanger, and they are looking to “cancel” the early abortion and birth control advocate over her connections to “white supremacist groups and eugenics.”

U.S. Federal Officials Reverse Limits on Fetal Tissue Research

Federal officials reversed Trump administration restrictions on using human fetal tissue for medical research, allowing government scientists to resume research that uses tissue from elective abortions.

American Dollars Should Have No Part in China’s Forced Sterilizations

A Jamestown Foundation report found funds from the Chinese central government went towards funding sterilizations in Xinjiang, sufficient for almost 200,000 sterilizations. The UNFPA should not be partnering on ‘family planning’ efforts with a government that brutally employs sterilization and abortion to commit genocide against a minority group. The fact that the UNFPA continues to do so is more than enough reason for the United States to halt all contributions.

Report: Over 100 Abortion Facilities Cited for Violations Involving Controlled Substances

A report by Americans United for Life found that at least 118 abortion facilities in 31 states and the District of Columbia were cited for medication violations over a 10-year period.

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