Don’t Give Up Hope

By: Caroline Reynolds – October 5, 2021

Things are bad, very bad. We all know it, and we need to turn things around. It can’t wait until 2024. But, how do we do it? There is still a chance we can make it happen. Don’t give up hope.

Trump’s rallies are not just well-attended, they are enthusiastic. I’ve watched them all. That says a lot for this country’s belief in our Constitutional Republic as founded. Contrast this with football fans in multiple sports’ stadia last weekend spontaneously chanting “f**k Joe Biden.”

More and more is being written about the illegitimate administration and its illegal, autocratic actions (e.g., vaccine mandates, climate change policies, increased social policies) and its do nothing attitude about our real problems like:

·       inflation,

·       overwhelming illegal immigration invasion,

·       rising crime,

·       vaccine dangers,

·       energy dependence,

·       supply line/labor market disruptions,

·       Communist school curricula,

·       cancel culture,

·       citizens and allies left behind enemy lines, and

·       Taiwan, etc.

Merely writing about things doesn’t get anything done, but it plants seeds for action that could be taken by those who might be able to act. SOCTUS?  TRUMP? I’m certainly not calling for an armed coup by the military or citizens.

The election fraud issue has not calmed down among many on the Right although the MSM would have us think it is only a conspiracy theory. It was a conspiracy, but is no longer just a theory.  

Parents across the nation are at school board meetings protesting curricula that promote racism or pornography. They are actively participating and standing up. Good for them. That’s what is needed.

Many are rightfully refusing to be vaccinated with any of the COVID-19 vaccines. Some of these refusals are because of natural immunity thru their having had the disease; some are worried about current or future pregnancies; some are religious objectors; some are young and healthy and not susceptible to the disease, and some are just not trusting of an “emergency use” and not fully tested vaccine. All these reasons are valid and should not be infringed.   

Mike Lindell has not given up. With the help of top attorneys like Dershowitz and Powell he has a good chance to go before the US Supreme Court on behalf of some states. He plans to do so before Thanksgiving. His data as presented in his documentary exposés:

·       Scientific Proof,

·       Absolute Proof,

·       Absolute Interference,

·       Absolutely 9-0, and his

·       3-day Cyber Symposium

are compelling, and not to be ignored. I watched them all.

These are encouraging signs. Surely the SCOTUS justices are aware of all the things mentioned above, and of the mood of the country. Even if they do not want to take Lindell’s case, I think (hope/pray) they will be shamed into doing so. Then, the fate of our country is in their hands. They could invalidate the whole election and call for a new one, or direct some or all the states to decertify with a new vote by their respective electors. They could order a forensic audit of all states. So what if none of these actions has ever been taken before? So what if such actions are not specifically mentioned in the Constitution? As I understand it, there is nothing in the Constitution that would prevent same, and it is of ultimate importance to our existence as a Constitutional Republic to get it right. I hope we are not passive enough to just let it ride.

The only other possibility I can see (it is way out there) is for Trump to run for the US House in 2022; he gets elected; he is voted to be Speaker of the House (that presumes we win the House majority in ’22); he institutes an impeachment of Biden and Harris; the Senate convicts because we also took control of the Senate in ’22; then the Speaker of the House who is Trump becomes president. It is not an idea that originated with me, and I hope we don’t have to wait until November 2022.

I would gladly take either option rather than an armed coup. The pen is mightier than the sword. At least we hope so. If, however, either of the above should occur, there would probably be riots in the streets. Anything is better than continuing our current nosedive into third-world status.  

“We need never be hopeless because we can never be irreparably broken.” Albert Einstein  

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