Parents: The New Founders

June 20, 2022|Free Market|

US Entrepreneurship Is Up, and “Parentpreneurs” Are Among These New Founders “Parentpreneurs” are among the cohort of new business owners who are revitalizing the American zest for entrepreneurship and innovation. by Kerry McDonald – June 3, 2022 The American [...]

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What America Needs…

June 9, 2022|Debt|

America needs a Fiscal Responsibility Amendment Restoring our economic and national security Illustration on America’s debt and a Fiscal Responsibility Amendment by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times more > By Adm. Bill Owens and Hon. Dave Walker - - Thursday, May [...]

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‘Coign’: A New Credit Card

May 9, 2022|Free Market|

This Forthcoming Credit Card Will Allow You To Avoid Financing Woke Banks BY: TRISTAN JUSTICE - APRIL 27, 2022 4 MIN READ ‘We want to do for charities what WinRed has done for political giving, which is allow millions [...]

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Climate Warming Questions

May 6, 2022|Environment|

Climate change and the question of science By: Andy May - April 21, 2022 Promoters of the human-caused climate-change narrative sometimes ask skeptics if they believe in evolution or gravity. It is a way of ridiculing the skepticism. [...]

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The ‘Debt Brake’

May 3, 2022|Debt|

Swiss flag on the top of Mannlichen (Jungfrau region, Bern, Switzerland) Updated Assessment of Switzerland’s Spending Cap by Dan Mitchell - April 28, 2022 Since I’m a big fan of spending caps, I’m very happy to be in Zurich as part [...]

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Left Leaning Levi Strauss

April 27, 2022|Free Market|

INVESTORS DENOUNCE LEVI STRAUSS CEO CHIP BERGH FOR ‘PARTISAN TOXICITY’ Is Levi’s Still A Publicly Traded Corporation Or A Far-Left Political Action Committee? by The National Center – Apr. 20, 2022 Washington, D.C. – Leading investor activists from the Free [...]

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