Updated Article V Progress Report is Now Available

By Stuart MacPhail – February 2020

Article V activist David Guldenschuh (an attorney in Georgia) has released his start-of-2020 Article V Convention Legislative Progress Report.  He notes “It was some ten years ago when Rob Natelson published his groundbreaking Article V research for the Goldwater Institute that the Article V movement was reborn”.

Guldenschuh observes that “The last half of the past decade saw the Article V movement peak, but the last two years have seen a plateauing of efforts.  We are now down to four major groups: the Center for State-led National Debt Solutions (CSNDS; the 501(c)(3) arm of the BBA Task Force); U.S. Term Limits; WolfPAC/Free & Fair Elections; and the Convention of States Project”.

He says “As the documentary “Unrepresented” points out, there are now many movements – right, left and center – to rein in the excesses of Washington, and many of them rest their hopes in the Article V movement”.  His new single-page Progress Report can be read HERE.

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