An insidious intruder broke into my home

by Shelly Harrison – April 07, 2023

I was asleep, as so many of us have been…. And while I was sleeping, an insidious intruder broke into my home. He riffled through my belongings taking whatever he desired. He stuffed himself from my pantry and filled his bags full for later. He uncorked my finest wines and drank his fill. He reached into my wallet and my jewelry drawer, helping himself to my finest items. He gave my employer the tools to kill my career. He funneled my treasures to evil powers to create chaos, war and to re-write our great history. And lastly, he sought to steal the precious, tender minds of my children, enslaving their subconsciousness with lies that he would resurrect later. All while I slept, peacefully unaware.

But now as I awaken, I find that the hour is very late, and the time is far past due.

Nearly 250 years ago a brave group of unwavering men resolutely pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honors to each other. United, they embarked upon a mission to declare their freedom from tyranny and create a nation that would change the course of human history forever. To create a nation where every person is equal under the law; protected and free to pursue life, liberty and happiness for themselves and their families. So, in prayer and with God’s guidance, these great men carefully debated and wrote every detail, to perfection, as close as they could discern. They sought first and foremost to assure that the People were empowered for self-governance, and that government was simply a tool – not to grant rights – but to protect them. Not to be a democracy where the whims of powerful people and groups wielded dominance, but that power rested only in the hands of the governed.

Every generation since then has carefully preserved that great assignment to pass along to their posterity. Many having given the ultimate sacrifice so that we – me, and you, and you, and you – may live in that same beautiful and free nation. And not only to those who were born here, but for centuries, generations of people have immigrated here, pouring together as a great melting pot, in hopeful search of the precious freedom which we so blithely take for granted. Today we fail to truly appreciate it, but the world knows just how priceless and rare this really is.

America is the light of the world; the city set on the hill that cannot be hidden. (Matt 5:14-16). She is the last beacon of hope and freedom on the globe. And when Her light is extinguished, every other nation will mourn her in loss of hope forever. God had His hand on our great country from the very beginning. Our forefathers cherished their God-given inalienable freedoms and rights. Most of those men ultimately went forward to sacrifice their pledged lives, fortunes, and sacred honors through the cause.

As American citizens, regardless of our party affiliations, we are ALL stewards of this great country and the United States Constitution. It is truly up to each of us to protect and defend the liberty and freedoms we hold dear and to pass that along to the next generation to do the same. We must not fail.

Galatians 5:13 says, “For you have been called to live in Freedom, but do not use your Freedom as an opportunity for the flesh. Rather, use your Freedom to serve one another in Love.”

This speaks to me. It convicts my heart that I have lived a comfortable, sleepy existence even as the signs of decay and evil flourished around me. Will we, today’s generation of Americans, be the ones to finally falter and lose this great American dream forever? Do we have the same fortitude and courage that our great forefathers held? Would the founders even recognize us today?

No one is coming to save America. It is truly up to Americans to be willing to save America.

This article was submitted by Shelly Harrison from Missouri. 

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