Here’s Why A Balanced Budget Amendment is so Significant to a Prosperous Post-Coronavirus Recovery

By Let Us Vote BBA Newsletter – July 27, 2020

Recent emergency funding to fight the COVID-19 pandemic was both heroic and necessary. However, the addition of such large deficits to the existing national debt is a problem Americans are no longer willing to ignore. Having seen how vulnerable our economy is, many of us are increasingly concerned about the mounting federal debt.

Average Americans, no matter their party affiliation, are worried that the debt is becoming the biggest threat to the future of our country. Many would like to fix the fiscal mess now, rather than leave it to burden our kids and grandkids. It is time for us all to ask hard questions: “How can our government afford the next crisis and the one after that? Are we more at risk for hyper-inflation and economic turmoil?”

For decades, each succeeding administration has doubled the federal debt.

The problem is accelerating. Washington continues to dig the financial “hole” deeper. The national debt is not predicted to reach $30 trillion by year-end. Over eighty percent of voting Americans say, enough is enough!

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