The TV you are yelling at won’t help you.

By David Wilder – August 14, 2023

If you’ve done your due diligence, you now know and Article V convention, is safe, legal and the constitutional pathway to correct our out-of-control federal government.   You also know it’s not easy.  We need 34 states (2/3) to call a convention, and then 38 states (3/4) to ratify anything that is proposed.

So why haven’t we done this yet.  Ready for a shock – we have but Congress hasn’t listened.  In this process, Congress is mandated (no vote, no choice, no comment allowed) to announce the convention when it receives the 34 requests needed.  Congress has just ignored the fact that 39 states asked for one in 1979.

So here is my ask – we need your help to wake Congress up.  Contact your Representative in Congress and ask them to co-sponsor/sign/support HCR 24.   This is a resolution to call the convention that was overlooked.  This particular request was about imposing fiscal responsibility on Congress.   Think of how different it would be if that convention took place!

There are more ways to exercise your authority.  We the People are the head of government, not the State nor the Feds.  There are other efforts underway to call a convention of states, but they will only be successful if we make our voices heard.  Build a dialog with your State legislators and let them know you are watching, and waiting for them to stand up for the people and due their duty under the constitution!

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